Posted by: qwaider | May 16, 2007


I get the goosebumps, every morning when I wake up to a scary thought. The thought that I’m so far away from my roots. The feeling that I’m so far away in exile ..
Nothing could represent this more than the skin-tearing-claps of wild crowds as they were listening to fairouz as she sang, “Nassam 3alayna el hawa”

There are certain feelings of longing, of being out of place, away from home that rage inside of you as you travel far away from home…
Nothing can replace home. Not money, not fancy houses and cars.
It scares me even more when I know I left behind me, the people that love me the most on the face of this planet.

So, here’s to home…..


  1. It’s not easy living abroad at all. As you previously said: It’s a tax we all pay for leaving our countries. But we can only take comfort in knowing that if we decided to go back one day, hopefully, our country will have enough space for us!

  2. Mabruuk the new blog concept!

  3. You know what I miss? It is not the place, its the memories, the people especially the family and friends, without those two heaven is hell!!

  4. Mohanned: you took the words right out of my mouth!

  5. Great start Qwaider! and here we go expats.

  6. And here is to home… my god Qwaider those words really made me cry
    God how much I miss everything and everybody back home… the people that we love the most, and the people we said goodbye to without knowing that we will never see them again… it breaks my heart just thinking about it

  7. “my god Qwaider those words really made me cry”.. it looks like this blog will keeep causing tears.. 7aram 3alaik.

  8. This really isn’t a good start guys.. I want back home.. waaaaaaa2.. at least you know that back home you are wrapped by a group of people who love you, unlike here.. everything is sooo cold; especially for those single ones, like me, who came without family or a spouse.

  9. I miss Amman’s streets, smell, people, sounds and noises all around! I miss taking a bus or a taxi and listening to Fairouz wherever I go! I miss family and friends…I don’t want to stay here, I will be back soon inshallah:) Mabrouk the new blog:)

  10. Great idea guys ! keep it up, and you know you have the choice to come back home when it becomes too much.

  11. a small technicality …

    does arab expats mean that an Arab who lives in another arabic country is not in this category ??? or s/he is an expat who is arabic ??

    i wonder and ponder …

    To Home ! :kling:

  12. As I was reading the post and the comments on them about nostalgy I remebered this poem that I want to share with you….


    And so, I come to the new land, dragging the baggage of the old land with me.
    I impose the old maps on the new places.
    The old vegetation springs newly named in the new land.

    I have traveled a great distance and still my arrival is a dream.
    The old land is under everything
    – like the old landscapes found glowing faintly under the skins of forgotten portraits.

    My life is becoming like the kneading of bread, an endless turning in on itself; the dailiness alone sustains me.

    My life is like the transitions of the language: I find myself in the translucent streets of the new land, shouting in a voice no one seems to hear: however, moreover, nonetheless,furthermore, . . .

    By Zolinias ….

  13. Yee hada 2albat 3yat ilshaghleh, shu hada Q ????

    But well said, I totally feel everything you said.

    This blog is going to be exciting; I can’t wait to post something!!!

    And here’s “to home”.

  14. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I think this place is going to be a great success. Thanks to the wonderful effort of all of you.
    Keep coming back … and hopefully we’ll make a very successful blog out of it

  15. wala 3iyat wala ishi … just few lines i read somehwere sometime ago🙂 Keep the good job guys …🙂 will keep checking this place !

  16. Isam: It’s for expats who don’t live in their homelands, so any expat would do.🙂

    Majd: Loved the poem!🙂

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