Posted by: mohanned | May 19, 2007

Mansaf strikes again!

By now I think you all know that I am a food fanatic, I love to eat but I love to cook more!! So while you-tubing(new Term) a clip caught my attention, it is called Mansafing 101, I remember hisham yanis in a play where he tried to explain the name in English for an American so he called it “EXPLOSIVE” which it really is. Friday is the mansaf day for me, La7meh Habra, samen baladi a9far fesfori, leban(shrab), Loz o snober o ya 3eni 3la khobz el shrak!!

Now here is how it goes when you go to a mansaf “party”, people sitting in the tent “Beit el Sha3ar”, Kids running everywhere causing lots of dust in the air, an old guy shouts “Hey ya walad bekaffi raketh..

Now It is 1:30 a couple of young kids approach the ma3azeem with “Breeg wathoo” and ” A 6osh6″ while holding a “bashkeer” on their shoulders, the old guy next to you asks the kid ” Ibn lameen enta?” then takes a sip of water to wash his mouth..The Kid replies ” Ana ibn abu hlal” The old guy spits from his mouth with the hidden message:

“Tfooh 3lek o 3ala abook”

Then at 2 PM sharp you hear someone calling “DOORO YA JAMA3A”, All stand up and begin the tradition of “Etde7ber”, but always there has to be “6an6” from Amman who asks for a spoon and all the eyes look at him like he is “sharon”.. The kids that were with the “abareeg el wathoo” is now holding the “Shafat el sharab”, people shouting “Sharreb hon ya walad”..

When finished eating, you start the cleaning process by Licking the Sh!t out of your hands, then you go for the same kids to wash your hands, and you see the same old guy talking to another kid and spitting!!!

Mansaf is jordan and jordan is mansaf, once you understand all of the interactions that take place while eating mansaf you understand jordan-Plain and Simple!!


  1. looooooool Muhannad, i bet you spit a couple of times, the way the old man did, when asking the boy who he belongs to..looooool, yalla e3tarif!

    Wait till you hear what kind of Jordanian mansaf I make here in the U.S of It is not half near, though walla I enjoy it, and my American room mate says it is the best masaf she has ever tasted😀 (I’ll have to see what Kinzi thinks). But please after reading this, DO NOT ACCUSE ME OF NOT BEING JORDANIAN LIKE OTHERS ARE CONVINCED I AM NOT DUE TO THE FAKE MANSAF I MAKE😀
    Ya seeedna, all what I need for cooking Mansaf is Rice and laban (plain yogurt.. no Jameed cuz I don’t like it).. no meat ( wala baladi, wala chicken, wala fish, wala 7atta shrimp ..hehe.. i feel meat is heavy on mansaf).. and no mukassirat (i just don’t like any kind). Akeeeeed, no samen.. I can’t allow myself to gain weight for using samen, I’d prefer gaining it some other

    Anyways, the outcome, at least as i consider it to be, is perfect mansaf, loooool. Walla, after eating it, i sleep for at least two hours.. imagine what would happen to me if i eat yours?? jad that would byinsifniiiii nasif..hehehe.
    So, is it fair to call what i coook mansaf???😉

  2. By the way Muhammad, did you see the Mansaf Qwaider once made?? the pic is in the food category on his blog (hope it is ok Q that i refer him to check your mansaf?).. his mansaf birfa3 elraas😀.. You will really be impressed and proud of it, unlike mine..hehehe😉

  3. secratea,

    So you are making hot Ruz-b-laban, and you are calling it Mansaf. I am sorry to tell you that your mansaf is not just not Mansaf, it is Jla6a. : )

    Sunday it is. thats it. Mansaf is soo over due.

  4. looooooooool, I was sure you guys wouldn’t consider it mansaf, but what is jla6a??😀

  5. ‘7abeesh!

  6. ‘7abeesah

  7. – el tadweer
    – el tashmeer
    – el etde7ber
    – el tashreeb

    there are all mansafian terms🙂

    Al mansaf awwalan!🙂

  8. aaaa5 walla zaman 3a mansaf asle. zakartni be o3’neyet “mansaf 3a jaj ma yenfa3 ordonieyh”

  9. Secratea:
    Ba7eb agollek enno hath esmo roz blaban zay ma tfathal a7’oy global, ya3ni 7o6i shwayyet sokkar o nasha bt9eer mhallabeyeh(he6alyyeh)😀

    Yalla 7ayyo:D

    Ba66alet a7ki m3ak a9latan

    Sho jaj ma jaj:)

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