Posted by: globalorama | May 28, 2007

Why do we leave Jordan???

It is great to remember all those fun experiences back home; gallayeh, mansaf, outings. but, there are many more reasons to leave Jordan than to stay in it, hence we have left. relatively, Jordan is a great country in a region of violence, oppression, and nosiness. But, there are some drawbacks that make leaving Jordan a goal for many.

here in the states, I can count on the Postal Service to deliver my mail in a timely fashion, without opening it!

I can go to the DMV and have my business taken care of without the need for Wasta or dealing with the attitudes of some Jordanian public sector employees.

I can ride my motorcycle without adhering to an engine size limit or being registered with a company.

I can go out of my house and speak my mind regarding the secret service, the CIA, the FBI, or even the president in any way I see fit without risking being arrested and humiliated along with the rest of my whole family.

In this country opportunities are truly unlimited, you can start a business any day of the week, charge as much as you would like, and make as much money as you want, with the least government intervention. yeah, prices are set by you, not the government.

I can sit and relax at home without the fear of “surprise” visits of relatives or neighbors.

I can go in and out of my house without a tally being kept by a neighbor.

I can walk to the many parks in my town and enjoy a day of fresh air without the annoying sight of garbage and leftovers of park goers in Jordan.

I can go to any city and enjoy a multitude of artistic talents, theater, fine art, Chinese art or Indian art, or people banging on garbage cans. All that without being described as weird.

I can go to college without having finished high-school (yes, I never finished past 1 1th grade in Jordan nor in the states)

I can skip a semester of college to work, take a break, travel, or whatever reason I see appropriate, without fearing being disciplined.

I can read any book, magazine, newspaper, and watch any TV station and listen to any radio station knowing that I have the option of listening to all points of views.

I can go to any coffee shop, restaurant, theater and not be directed to “singles section.”

I can approach a girl and ask her what time of day it is with out the risk of being beat up by her cousins or her killed by her brothers.

I can speak my mind about any subject in front of my friends without developing animosity because I do not subscribe to their thoughts.

I can stay single all my life without being pressured to get married and have a dozen kids.

I can nominate myself and get elected to the Students’ association (I have!) at my college without any government intervention or influence.

I can walk into my college, and anybody else for that matter. without jumping fences, or showing IDs.

In college, I can pick my own courses. hell, I can design my own major and still have a degree recognized the world over.

on the weekend, especially a three-day weekend such as this one, I can sleep in, and wake to the sound of what ever, instead of the ringing bell of vistors or the screems of kids in the streets.

in the states you can go months at a time without hearing one car honking!

you can also expect drivers to stick to their lanes on the road and not honk at you as soon as the light turns green.

But somehow, I still miss Jordan. why, can you tell me?


  1. Glo, now you are making me homesick for America. They say the things you love most about your spouse initially are the things that drive you crazy later. Maybe it is the same with your homeland.

  2. globalorama! that’s an excellent point you’ve raised .. why we leave Jordan in the first place!
    … of course that’s not to mention the financial side of it.

    … ArabExpats ويسر أسرة

    Alright I’ll shut up!

  3. and 7aram Kinzi she’s also feeling homesick😦 … which part of the states are you from Kinzi?

  4. Who-Sane, native Californian. But when I married a Midwesterner and had kids, adopted Illinois. Now, global nomad, different desert🙂 How about you and Glo? Wayn halla?

  5. I’m in Dubai now.

    lol @ global nomad!🙂

  6. i miss living in the states all the time!! But when I am there, I miss being in the middle east too!! but i have to admit, I do not miss the middle east as much as i miss the being in the states…I miss the comfortable care free ,in a way, life style in the states! it is fun in the middle east (Oh, talking while i am in Beirut, on the edge of my seat waiting for an explosion to go off any minute of the day or night!) it is fun with family, outing and good food…but in the states i miss the cultural events, going to the theater, the parks, the safe and quiet driving in paved roads , the huge parking lots, shopping endlessly without being bothered by a smelly sales person , and the choices that are so vast, all you have to do is just make up your mind and lots more!!
    Thank God i am going to Chicago in one week!!!! yeaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

  7. True.

  8. this is why i love canada…i guess everywhere has it pros and cons..exept canada’s side of pros is sooo much longer than amman’s! :o)

  9. Wallahe ma ana 3aref, Now I am in a postion where I am thinking between going back after getting done with my study or not..The only thing that makes me think about the issue is that people in charge in jordan where ever you go are not competent so you will be dealing with walls or even sometimes with worse than walls “bahayem”..The person in charge will always hire people “3la gadd eedo”, those people must be lesst competent than him because if not then he will be in danger…Agollak ensa ba6alet a7ki eshi begref..

    Esma3 as I suggested to qwaider, we should outsource our government..
    Bas m3 kol hath el sal6 awwalan o jordan thaneyan;)

  10. yeah, i agreee with alomst all your points. Also, I think living in the States is safer than living back home– I am talking of my experience as a single girl. For example, in Jordan I would never think of living in an apt. alone, or even travelling alone within the country. Whereas I’ve been on my own for two years here, and i’ve been safe as never before. Even my parents admit that they feel that i am safer here, more than if I was in Jordan on my own.. ya3ni hummeh mirta7eeeen, ow mit6amneeen 3alai here el7amdulellah😉.

  11. But if people who could change things leave, how change would come?

    People keep complaining, but here is the thing: If no one speaks up (I know you’ll get in trouble if you do, but someone gotta start speaking or it will stay like this forever!) nothing would change.

    Here is the thing: You have those who leave, complain a lot when they are out, and do nothing.
    There are those who stay, try to speak up , get in trouble.

    Though when these folks who stayed succeed in changing things, then all those who left would come back, take positions, meanwhile the real heroes are exhausted and tired, and end up at home.

    Want change?You don’t like how things are running? Come back sit an example to others. Otherwise don’t expect things to change magically.

  12. Kinzi,
    I do miss Jordan. is it because of those mentioned above, or because of other hidden traits? I do not know, but I am sure there are aspects of living in Jordan that deserve to be celebrated. I am in your home state, the Golden State that is.

    thank you, the financial part is a post on its own, along with education, doing business, and do not forget the sports.

    Yes. the shopping. I love shopping more than my girlfriend does.

    Sam, in the words of the scholar Homer Simpson, Canada is America Junior : )

    a word of advice, once you are done with your phd, try and get an appointment in the U.S. or in education city, Qatar. check it out. you would work for prestigious universities, get paid well, and be a couple of hours away from Salt… I mean Jordan.

    ALMOST ?? ya sitti allah yi7miki.

    most of what I pointed out is cultural characteristics. culture takes a very long time to change, and a lot of different forces. think of Iraq.

  13. Most of the points you have mentioned are right, but I disagree with some of them…Maybe because we all have different life styles, either here or back home…but in general, it’s a very good post, and it made me think deep about it, for the very first time for me while here!!

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  15. You miss Jordan because it provides you with a feeling you don’t have in the States, whatever that feeling is. When you are in Jordan you miss being in the States for whatever reasons you just described and probably more.

    No place is perfect, just whenever you are in a place you got to take in the good and when you feel nostalgic, make a phone call home🙂

  16. I like the way you think, people. A little effort and the land of Menashe, Reuven and Gad will be reverted to its rightful owner.

  17. Missing a place does not mean knowing the reason why you miss the place. Sometimes, it is just like a tree missing the soil in which it is originally planted. Even if the new is soil is richer and more fertile, somehow the tree misses the old, drier, and rough soil of its youth. It is just a deeper feeling of belongingness. Anyway, before getting too philosophical about it by using a metaphor, I think it is just like missing the old house even if one is already living in a mansion; missing your mother even if you already have a family of your own; missing the worn-out sneakers, even if you are already wearing a leather.

    Do you know that salmons have to go back to where they were hatched just only to spawn? And some animals have to go back to their nests just only to die. No practical reason at all; just a heart longing for home.

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