Posted by: 7aki Fadi | May 29, 2007

why do we miss Jordan?

In  globaloramas previous post he asked : “Why do I miss Jordan?”. This made me think. Really think, WHY do I miss Jordan?

Family? To state the obvious. Of course family is the number one reason , specifically my mom, I miss her dearly.

Friends? They are scattered all over the place, I only have 2 friends left in Amman and one of them is moving to the
US next month (which is exciting because she will be closer to me now).

Food? Well yeah but there’s everything here now. Granted, not as good but never the less available.

I think  :

It could be a very nice trip to Aqaba you took with your friends and family that makes you miss Jordan.

It could be driving around in Amman with no direction with a bunch of friends just joking around and listening to music, or in our case, singing (or more like shouting) along with the car tape deck (yeah, tapes, remember those).

Experiencing firsts, first time you drive, first time you swim, first time you go to University, first time you cross the street by yourself. Getting my first job and wasting the first salary on things I can’t even remember.

I don’t know, it’s moments or hours that are etched in your memory, happy moments that you hold on to dearly forever.

Asking why you miss Jordan is like asking the question “Why do you love someone?” Impossible to answer!


  1. I think the most I miss about Jordan, aside from family, are the trips I took to Aqaba with my high school friends. With school or without. latter in our 10th and 11th grades we were banned from doing with the school, they thought we were zo3ran. we would stay at a motel called al wa7ah (…al7’adra’?) we would pay 20 JD a night for as many as we could fit into the big room. yes were poor, but not zo3ran!! those trips were full of first time experiences. first time to smoke hookah, first time to sleep outside the house, first time to see girls in bikinis (do not comment on this one). I agree with 7aki-fadi. the absence of those experiences make us realize the void left by family and friends’ filled moments. However, as one grows up, starts a family, and becomes aware of the responsibilities associated with dealing with the outside world as a head of household, one becomes infuriated and sometimes filled with anger.

  2. انتو شكلكو بدكوا تخلوني اطعم الاردن!! و بعدين مع سواليف الهم و الغم هاي؟ والله ثم والله هسع بسلخكوا بوست عن الكرشات بخلي كل نورث اميريكا تشم ريحتو!!

    على فكرة العربي طقع!!!

  3. Globalorama: “becomes aware of the responsibilities associated with dealing with the outside world as a head of household”. True, but I would say that one is not filled with anger but just jaded in general. You don’t have the time you used to to just do all the things you did back home before becoming a responsible adult.

  4. Mohannad: HA HA HA HA. Tab ya zalameh hada globalorama sa2al sw2al and somebody had to answer, moooo? lol.

    Karshat??? 3anjad la2, please….Mohannad, la2. khalas, akher marra post ka2eeb…he he he

    I read the post and I was about to cry, but Mohannad.. DUUUUUUUUUUDE you’re too much😀 .. Seriously man I was in tears of laughing… Karshat?? 3ateeha abu el shabab wala yhemak o 3eab 3ala elli yez3al😀 LOOOOOOOOOOL

    7aki: esma3i bab3atlek email youmha mshan ma tfooti😀 LOOOOOOOOL

  6. I miss Jordan so much..
    I miss it more than I think I do😦 … (sigh)

  7. yes 7aki fadi, it’s the sweet memories that all forms up to the image of home

  8. Secratea: awwww, sorry man(he he he). Khalas no more ka2abeh, 3anjad. Ana kaman ka2abet 7ali bihal post😦.

    who-sane: Indeed my friend, indeed :-p.

  9. aw your post so sweet!! what is special about aqaba, everyone has to mention it one time or another..i went there one day in early june and it was sooo empty! almost like a ghost town! we stayed the moven pick and beach was all rocky..i dreaded going into the water..and once im in i dreaded going back on the shat, and having to walk over those rocks..bas ya3ni it was fun and i got a great tan..:o) bas am i missing it warm in aqaba in winter?? like in the dead sea?

  10. lol Sam: you are right, Aqaba is not all that, still needs catching up.
    But as a child, to see the sea for the first time is special.
    I like it because I used to scuba dive there, it’s amazing. And also to go boating is nice cos it’s almost as calm as a lake.

  11. Dudes,Aqaba is booming from what I heard, they are building lakes,golf courses, new hotels, they will even move the port south and lately I heard that they are thinking of blowing up some mountains to open more space for investments!!God bless jordan..

  12. Mohanned yeh i heard that they are building alot of things in aqaba..when we were in amman this summer we were this close to buying one of those villas there along with my husband’s sister and brother..but then we realized that there is hefty monthly maintenance fee, so we backed away…maybe soon it will bloom and not be a ghost town anymore.🙂

  13. I find that hard to relate to, I don’t miss Amman not one bit..🙂

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