Posted by: Who-sane | May 30, 2007

Official faces death penalty

A court in Beijing has sentenced one of China’s top officials to death for corruption.

He’s Cheng Kejie, who until recently was a vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chinese parliament, the National People’s Congress.

Mr Cheng was accused of accepting almost five-million dollars worth of bribes during his time as the regional leader in the south-western province of Guangxi in the 1990’s.

He is the most senior official to be sentenced to death in the current anti-corruption campaign.

So what does that got to do with anything we scribble down here?

It doesn’t! I just hope that our current anti-corruption campaign won’t be as strict and firm as the Chinese one…

I mean, God forbid, if it was, we’ll be witnessing a political mass genocide! And we really don’t want that, do we now?


  1. انت فتحت على حالك باب جهنم..
    If it was me who is in charge, I will not put them to death, I will simply take all their money away, make them work 12 hours a day as janitors, then after a couple of years I will kill them:)

  2. I doubt the guy in China is the only guy. I think he was presented as a scapegoat, he was probably ratted out by his buddies, or enemies!

  3. Ghrabisms????


  4. lol yeah, Ghrabism: top copy-cat ghrab el bain. It should be on wikipedia too!😛

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