Posted by: 7aki Fadi | May 31, 2007


This is a story about a very delicious delicacy known to us Jordanian’s as “BOLOBEEF” ( to those who don’t know what I am talking about it’s canned corned beef), that’s how I grew up calling it although it had a completely different name on the can.


It’s like calling every tissue out there “Kleenex”, every glass cleaner “Easy” and every disinfectant “Dettol”. Which reminds me of a story when I was 11 or 12 years old, we were visiting my dad in LA for the first time and we needed disinfectant ,so my Mom takes us to a supermarket and after looking in all the isles we couldn’t find any, so my mom asks this stocker for help and she goes : “I need Dettol, do you have Dettol?” , and he was like” Mam , what is Dettol? ” So my mom start’s this elaborate description,” it is to clean with, it smells like a hospital, it’s brown”…..and on and on with the descriptions , it took her maybe 5 minutes and the guy would not get it, so finally Mom said “We clean bathrooms with it” and he said “Mam, I don’t know what you want but this Isle has all the cleaning products” and low and behold there was the equivalent of Detol but here in Canada they call it Pine sol….


Anyway, back to the Bolobeef, I think it’s a middle eastern thing that we eat Bolobeef , really, although I see it stocked on the shelves here, I’ve never seen anyone buy it but me !? I love this stuff, I remember them giving it to the cast of survivor once and they were like “ewwwwwwwww, but better than nothing”, I was like, you stupid, stupid fools, you don’t know what you are missing. Fry it in a pan with some “bhar” (All spice) and you got yourself something really yummy.or with Eggs and tomotaotes, wow, the quantity of one can is frightning, can feed a whole family!


Now, the fascinating thing, when I was reading a book called O’ Jerusalem , that talked about how we lost the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and described what happened and stuff like that (by the way it’s a great book you should read it) but that’s not the point , in the book it talked about how the British army left Palestine in May of 1948 and it left behind loads of the army provisions. And what was one of those provisions called? It was called “Bully Beef”, I almost fell down on the floor laughing and I was like, “Oh my God, it’s Bolobeef” , I always wondered how the name came about.


I think I called everybody I know that day and told them about it. I tell you , dear bolobeef lovers, that that was too funny… 


  1. I know the stuff… The Jordanian army left few cans of it in our garden after camping in it during the Black September war in the early 70’s. We collected the cans and ate them!
    Come to think of it, it is really bad processed meat, God knows what type, with lots of sodium and additives but tasted good at the time…mix that with eggs and just imagine the amount of cholesterol it has!! It has been tens of years since i ate it last, i do not think i will try eating it again.
    The story of its name is pretty interesting!!

  2. bolobeef yumm! actually i’ve never had it…and never heard of it until your old post, but great story…so close bully beef and bolobeef:)

  3. I was thinking that bolobeef is yummy until the other day i was home alone and hungry so I brought a can of bolobeef and a couple of eggs.. i don’t know what went wrong but i almost vomited.

  4. nice nice nice one zakaratneee be ayam ma kona bachelors bel ordon…3ala a’7er el shahar el wa7ad kan ————> 0 o 3al yameen akam men shelen bel ard wela bejaibtoh so menlem el fakeh o mneshtaree bolobeef o yasalam 3al akel el r’7ees ma azkaaaa he3he3he3

  5. Summer: Yes just thinking how unhealthy it is makes me shudder.
    Hey, you should blog about that by the way, sounds interesting!

    Sam: You should try it.

    Sel3: Bolobeef has to be shared, if you tried eating the whole thing by yourself then…OMG.. heart attack.

    Nimer: Zaman 3annak Nimer, wain kont ghates!!
    Mafi a7la min ilbolobeef lamma ykoon ilwa7ad imfales. The amount of food is raheebeh!

  6. wow! bolobeef is wonderful! and there are so many ways to serve it, plain, with eggs. A friend of mine had like 10 ways of cooking bolobeef. lol

    cool stuff, and yummy!

  7. I have never heard of either one (bolobeef nor bully beef) but I’ve had canned corned beef in Jordan. I think it was called extra

  8. el Bolobeef torath sar lal sha3b el falasteene … abooy dayman be7keele keef kano ywaz3o ma3oonat bolobeef o jebnet qashkawan o sardeen … lessa la 3’ayet halla faj2atan beejo 3ala balo sardeen berou7 byefta7 3elbe o byakol ,,, o my little sisters saro y7eboo men wara dad🙂

  9. Whosane: I like to have it only with onions and lots of bhar.

    Globalorama: yah, it is not called bolobeef, we just call it that because when it was first inroduced to us was the name bully beef hence bolobeef.

    Isam: Absolutely Isam. it is turath. By the way, I love Sardines, something a lot of people around me don’t understand.

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