Posted by: Maioush | June 4, 2007


One of the things that you don’t really see in our countries, the HE/SHE people (I take that back).One of the things that is not really as obvious in our countries are the HE/SHE people, they’re just everywhere over here, and one of them is driving me crazy!!!

There is this patient (it’s a HE, who became recently a SHE) comes regularly to the pharmacy to take his/her hormones, and his/her other stuff, and every single time HE/SHE comes keeps asking me questions like “Oh WOW, where did you get you glasses?”, “Oh WOW, where did you get that shirt?”, “Oh WOW, I love that lip gloss, you wearing, what brand is it”, and “Oh WOW, I like you hair color, where did you get that high light”… EFT!!! And as usual my answer is always, Hmmm, thank you but can I help you with something else?

Enno ya3ni, I’m the only freakin female you can compare yourself to??? Am I suppose to be faltered? Ya5i/Ya5ti go find someone else to copy away from me Please!!!

Ya rabbi… I’m not used to these things and never will, the guy looks weird, the way he puts his makeup, the way his eyebrows are done, the way he dressed, and not to mention the body shape, his hands are HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE, that’s one this they can’t get like girls, no matter what they do, mo matter how many surgeries they go through, guys hands will never be like girls, so if you want to know if the lady in front if you was a DUDE before.. look at the hand, it’s so obvious…

God I never thought in my life that I will actually talk about this matter, meet thses people, and worse .. be able to tell the different…


  1. You just reminded me of jerry springer!!

  2. I guess you’re such a tom-boy that he found it easier to compare himself to you🙂

  3. Outch Qwaider…LOL…you are BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

    3adi ya Mai, tanshy, the “IT” thinks you are pretty, you should be flattered😀

  4. Ewwwww…Allah yi3eeenik!! I see a lot of them whenever we go to SF! it’s amazing how comfortable they feel about the whole thing! aham ishi their faces, after shaving for yrs they become gray, even with tons of make up trying to cover it!

  5. Mohannad:
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL.. exactly man walahi EW.. bad bad bad images in my head😀

    Mashi ya Q … had bs l2nnak ‘3ayran ma 7ada be3aksak … 2al tom boy 2al ::rolling eyes::

    7aki Fadi:
    seebeeki menno, had ‘3ayran menni l2nni a7la menno LOOOOOOOOL
    Allah yese3dek I wish I can be flattered.. but EW!! HE/SHE is uglyyyyyy …😀

    SF malyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaneh.. ya waradiiiiiiiiiii ad ma feeha menhom…
    They look very weird walahi, shaving, tons and tons of foundation to cover up, EW!!!

  6. *lol* u poor thing..maybe he likes u and now regretting becoming a woman!
    i once knew a guy in college who’s hands were smaller than mine! and i have pretty small girly hands…when he asked me out i had to decline..i will not go out with a guy who’s hands are smaller than mine!🙂
    he would make the perfect woman!

  7. lol Sam, now that’s ewwwwwww, 3anjad. Men with small hands, ew ew ew…

  8. Sam:
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, his hands are smaller than yours.. you just reminded me of a guys I used to know back in college LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL … poor thing I swear to god he was feminine more than me “and that has nothing to do with the fact I’m a tom boy as Q claims🙂 “ but the guy ya 7leeloh was so tiny and small and soft😀 LOOOOOOOOOOOL kol ma atzakarro bafrot.. now that guy in particular would me a very pretty girl😉

  9. You poor sad little thing. He/she/it probably thought you also went under the transformation and is seeking advice from the expert😛

  10. there is “something” here in Saudi Arabia its called 3rd Sex … i saw a few around … EWWWW … it looks like a girl … dresses like a guy … acts like a girl … called at like a guy … walks like a girl … Bust like a guy … curves like a girl … mostache like a guy … hair like a girl …

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW … those things are beyond imagination …

    I am expecting a certain observer to jump in defense … no bun intended …

  11. ya33ooooo! lol @ Ya5i/Ya5ti!

    but what if a he/she had small feminine hands? he/she can fool guys into believing that he’s a girl!!

    that’s why you guys should NEVER get drunk on a blind date! (remember the picture that was circulated on the net?) LOL!

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