Posted by: nonangel | June 11, 2007

Screwing Around With Your Ignorant Local(err.. international) Friends

Top 5 ways to screw around with you local friends

(though this mostly applicable to the US, but it might work with some other countries too)

5- Get your hands on some of our Arabic delicacies, you know our local swallows nest or even more closely our local kobe beef. the truffle of Arabic food of course, The 2awanes (i.e hearts, testicles, kidneys and god knows what else they pack in there)

stir fry them lightly and make it look presentable and invite them to dinner, that should give them a taste of fear factor !

4 – You need to be informed about the most popular sport in the Arabic region, nope soccer ain’t got nothing on it.

Its camel jumping ! it has a professional league of its own with more statistics than baseball.

Don’t believe us ? here is proof

3 – We are so beyond the curve in fashion and cultural acceptance, you think flip-flops is the new fad ? we been doing that for ages only recently did the world take notice. We have the highest percentage of metro-sexual males in the world, for god’s sake, it is acceptable for a man to wear a gown to work in some countries ! Try to do that in the states😀

2 – Camels are so revered that they are still the favorite method of transportation in most countries. some of them cost as much as a brand new car and although we are really candid about this but camel humping is quite common(one reason why the price can go so high). it is frowned upon when someone settles for a goats since its considered degrading but it happens. Hey and on top of that we get 4 more wives, suck it up Mormons. No matter what though we never ever had a sheriff who is a camel

1 – Since we live a nomadic life in the desert the first thing you have to do when you get off the plane is to run around in the city screaming “yallal howl” that’s while dragging your pet camel beside you and having your tent on your back. take pictures for memories😉



  1. :S

  2. is this even called funny …..sorry sir I dont defend the locals or bedwins or anything i consider them ignorant people that r suffering from the amount of money they got and were not prepared for it …Boss ur post is little bit insulting with no actual joke revise it and u ll know what am talkin about unluess u want this page to be banned by uae proxy;) welaa kalamee ‘3ala6 ya 7sain????!!!!

  3. but you gotta give it to the man, he humped over 6 camels!

    I wonder how the two Sudani love-goats are doing, LOL! a camel for a sheriff! Man where do you read this crap! LOL!

    Tiger, I think he was refering to the the Buddhist monks who wear gowns and flip-flops😉 so chillax man, if they block us, we’ll start a new one😛

  4. JUMPED* over 6 camels that is!

  5. yallal howl indeed!

    lol at number 5 , 3anjad. imagine somebody having lunch at your place and they ask, yuuummmm, what’s in that…

    Da7aktni … these links are CRAZY….

  6. […] unbiased way of teaching it relatively. Well atleast they mentioned it :DOn a different note my first post on arab expats which was my first attempt at satire proves that i suck at it but it was fun, it also proves that […]

  7. Tiger i thought u were being sarcastic for a bit there but i guess u weren’t, Its meant to be and explaination of the arabic world through “western” eyes to the “western” world
    it even says so on the second line.
    Who-sane and 7aki thanks for liking it😉
    who-sane sadly the goat died recently about 2 weeks ago, and *humped * hehehe
    well thnkx for inviting me to this

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