Posted by: globalorama | June 13, 2007

you are going to hate me for this…..

(step aside from your Muslim/Arab view and read with objectivity)

but if you hear my argument until the end, you will see how valid it is. to put out bluntly, I have developed a worrying degree of admiration towards Jews and Israel. you are going to say “this moth@#$%#$%er, has been brain washed. but no, I have not been brain washed. we all have seen the resiliency of those people against all odds. they were able to create a country from scratch. a country that provides the highest levels of security to its people, a true democracy, the highest level of education and research, an unrivaled influence on world powers, and they have been able to make the whole world cry when they cry, and happy when they are. those people number less than arabs and Muslims together in the U.S., yet they are able to make all food companies declare the “kosherism” of their products, have all T.V. and radio stations congratulate them for Hanukkah and whatever else they celebrate, and shut anybody up if a negative word was spoken against them.

Israel, as everybody knows, lacks natural resources, their women are the ugliest, their tourism faces set backs every other day, they are known for being cheap, they are only 13 million of them in the whole world, and they killed Jesus for God’s sake.

so, how come they managed to create an aura of strength, celebrated scientists, high standard of living, an attractive environment for foreign investment and have a saying in whatever happens in their areas of interests?

from my own observation and readings, I became aware of their secret, which is hardly a secret. in the light of Hamas-Fatah fighting (allah yigbirhom il joz), Jews stick together and back each other like no other ethnicity. they rally behind their own cause before any thing else, and, despite all means used, their goals are what matter the most. they have been united against all dangers facing them. their true strength is their unity.

list of Jews in the media

why Arabs lag in Siences


  1. Everybody shares this admiration, but we share it with a disgust.
    Not sure about “their women are the ugliest” though.

  2. I am not going to attack you personally, i will stay objective and talk about the fatcs, as you claim you have in your post:

    1- israel is one of the most insecure places on earth today, just ask an israeli at a european embassy waiting in line to apply for euro citizenship today, thanks to the palestinain resistance

    2- israel is one of the most devided and racist societies int he world, forget the arabs we all know they are not even treated as humans in israel, im talking about african vs russian vs french vs you name it, israeli society is not in harmony , the only thing they seem to agree upon is that they hate arabs, with varying degrees of course, and some pro peace israelis are being called self haters and anti semites, its funny how u envy them, u must be out of touch with your society, theirs is nothing to write home about, i know, iv been there and i saw…

    3- they built he country from scratch, that is just purely pathetic, when u take a purely zionist lie and adapt it, i dont know where ur from, but if you want to issue fatwas and opnions about a subject get educated about it, dont come of as an ignorant person (this is not an insult, its a fact) Palestine was a hub for the middle east at the time , cultural, intellectual economic and religious, it was not created by the zionist, this idea that israel was created is an extension of the big lie a people for a land without without people,

    if the region was left to develope on its own without foreign occupation and colonialism, then there would not be just israel, there would be many israels, but they would be countries where there is no racism, facism genocide like there is in your beloved israel, so you go on my friend cheer for the democratic israel (i was about to choke on my laughter when i read that).

  3. Hey Markus, globalorama was just giving his opinion. the fact that you hate israel and its people does NOT mean that everybody has to hate them. Respect everyone else’s point of view if you want you own to be respected.

  4. Markus: I am guessing what the author means by ‘from scratch’ is the fact that they went from being a persecuted fragmented people in Europe to invading and maintaining occupation of another country… it would be like, i dunno, the native americans taking over bahrain or something. However, I do agree 100% that the country itself was not built from scratch.

    As for their unity, that is a farce, as is any unity among people, there is infighting, and Jews who stand up against Israel as Markus said are persecuted, and do have a difficult time. What we fail to notice it seems, is that among any people there are differences, which are usually irrelevant until someone starts to pick at them… the palestinian infighting has been stoked by outside forces… i am sure the people involved believe they are acting of their own volition, but the circumstances which has lead to this fighting is only partly of their making.

    Also, devoid of natural resources???? The land is very fertile, and it is of close proximity to Europe, Africa and Asia i.e. an easily accessible market for produce. Shops here (UK) always have their produce… also, i would not say that the UK had much more natural resources, but they are doing pretty OK for themselves.

    When it comes to Zionists though, one thing that has helped them succeed (on average) in their mission is their willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals…

  5. Hey in a way I had the same feeling a couple of years ago, still kinda do but alot less now.
    I have the following observations:

    they were able to create a country from scratch. a country that provides the highest levels of security to its people, a true democracy

    Those are actually the total opposite, they didn’t build it from scartch, thats falling for the famed “desert to green heaven” theory. Security ? really ? technology in security yes otherwise not really.
    As for the true democracy its really just a front, it is a faux democracy since there are second class citizens and prosecution of some of the members of their society bases on religion and origins.

    As for the numbers in the US actually they are almost double the Muslim population there, but the main issue is not number but their concentration in terms of the electoral. they are in clouts and that is why they have an influence in politics unlike the arabs. plus having AIPAC helps to organize things.

    As for the last point not really, am reminded of “2ana wa a’7oy 3alla 2ibin 3ami, 2o 2anna wi ibn 3ami 3al ‘3areib” (me and my brother against my cousin, and me and my cousin against strangers)
    But internally they are fragmented with the highest animosity being between the Ashkenazi (Eastern European) and Sephardi (Spanish/arab).
    most of what you wrote applies to Ashkenazi of american decent who are the controller of power there and in Israel.

    Plus you forgot one major point which is that they have the blind support of the evangelicals which is a very important thing that the arabs don’t have in the current political arena

  6. oh check he has alot of insightful articles about the issue.

    though in the general sense i do agree with you that they demand admiration whether you like it or not

  7. While we feel antipathy towards the Jews, we have to admit that they’ve always been more aware of the effect of media and propaganda more than Arabs and utilized it to their maximum benefit. Only lately did we realize that, hence Al Jazeera and all the other news agencies. Looking at all the historical tragedies Jews have been through, I’d attribute that to the fact that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.

    And the Muslim World’s lag in science article is such a fascinating read!

    Extraordinary article globalorama!

  8. Bam-Bam, I’m still working on those blind Evangelicals!!!🙂 Remember, not all of us are in that category, and we aren’t quite as powerful as the media paints us (just like they paint Muslims and Palis)

    GloRa, amazing thing to hear from your side of the river. I never heard about their women begin ugly, either.

  9. A compelling article. I’d say their women are 50/50. Not as generally good looking as Arab women, of course.🙂

  10. There is nothing wrong in admiring other people for certain things, even if you disagree with everything else that they do. So there should be nothing wrong with the concept of admiring the people of Israel and those who are pro-Israeli for certain things. I personally admire their superior organizational skills.

    However, and I’m sad I have to point this out, what you wrote doesn’t reflect a well thought out process in reaching your conclusion.

    Building a country from scratch, is something that happened almost everywhere in the Middle East in the 20th century. In that, Israel is really not special. As a matter of fact, I think Jordan beats Israel in that race, since until the 1920’s, Jordan was literally more a piece of scratch than Palestine at the time was. Palestine had Jerusalem, Haifa, Akka, as major cities, and Jordan had? None.

    Israel is not a true democracy by any long shot. Over 1 million Israelis who are not Jewish are at a disadvantage in this “Jewish ‘democratic'” state. And these are not people who are living on land “occupied by Israel,” these are Israeli citizens in Israeli proper itself. Ever hear of the Bidouin’s in the Naqab? Israel doesn’t even recognize them and their villages. This is far from being a true democracy.

    I think in the US, there is no denying that Jewish people at are a better social and economic status than that of Arabs and Muslims. There are certainly more of them, and there are certainly more of them in key positions of influence. It’s a natural result of this that the US leans more towards Israel than towards anyone else in the Middle East. And because of this, this one country receives more US aid in a year than all the other countries in the world combined (between 3-5 billion, a year). 3 billion dollars a year for a country the size of Israel can do a lot. Jordan’s yearly budget hovers around the 6 billion mark. Imagine what 3 more would do to Jordan. How many roads will be fixed, how many public schools can be cleaned up, etc if such an increase is sustained for say 10 years in a row. Money does wonders, believe it or not.

    I admire people on the Israeli camp because most of the ones we hear from are intellectuals who have good brains over their shoulders. They know how to organize, they know how to strategize, and they know when to talk and what to say, and more importantly when not to talk and what not to say. Comparing that to most people on our side of the equation, not many are like that, though their numbers are definitely on the rise.

    This is just a turn of the wheel that is history. “Yawmon laka wa yawmon 3alaik.” Sooner or later, the wheel will have come half circle and the tables will have turned around, but it certainly is not today, and I hope less and less people remain illusioned about that.

  11. well, to clarify….
    I am not in love with those people. I am admiring the achievement of 13 million to make a world of 6 billion steer their way, always.
    the Israelis and the Jews have attained their goals. that is success by definition.
    thought out conclusion? I am blogging, not writing a dissertation.
    a country from scratch? Jordan gained its independence two years before Israel was formed. but which one has more global influence? which one is doing better economically? which one has nuclear power? which one elects its leaders?….
    American support???? if it were not for Jews in the states, the U.S. would not have supported Israel. Jews in the states are influential enough to make the U.S. government support Israel no matter what. hey, Israel has little if any Oil. and yes, Arabs and Muslims number more than Jews in the U.S. there are 6 Million Jews in the U.S. in the same country there are 5 million Muslims (I am not counting Arabs yet)

  12. I don’t friggin know why people think that the US supports israel from a political perspective, guys it is a relegious obligation for them to support israel, just like it is a relegious obligation for us to fight each other(Oh or maybe it is the jews that make us devided) We are pathetic, and we always find someone to blame, the guy expressed his opinion and people jumped to the offence, just read the comments and you will see we are 100 light years behind!!

  13. well, he DID say u wr gonna hate him 4 this…..
    Thrashing our enemies will get us anywhere,and nethier is glorifing them….i have a saying:
    “no all ur enemy’s strengthes only, and u bcome powerless 2 fight him.No all ur enemy’s weaknesses only,and u bcome totally unprepared.No both and u can attain balance…..only then can u prevail!”

  14. *Thrashing our enemies will get us nowhere…

  15. Globalorama, you’re right; this is not a dissertation, and to be honest I did have second thoughts about my “not well thought out process” comment, albeit only after having hit the Submit button; sorry.

    Regarding building a country from scratch. True, Jordan is no where as influential as Israel, but Jordan is a well established, recognized and received country nonetheless. Had you qualified the word country with another like: powerful, successful, or superior, I wouldn’t have been able to argue with that. I will take it that you implied that given your second response.

    Obviously the American support for Israel is driven by a powerful lobbying force that consists in great part of influential Jewish figures. There is no denying that, and I myself have said I admire the organizational skills of that lobbying force. But for me, it stops there. I don’t see the product of this lobby as a “true democracy” as you call it. I don’t see the healthy technology sector as the product of pure Israeli innovation and extraordinary will to persevere; only the product of an extension of US monetary resources into Israel, and if it weren’t for the success of the US as a whole as an economy and a super power, things would be different. The success of the US is something that every American deserves credit for, not only the Jewish and the pro-Israeli, and I doubt many won’t argue that they don’t even deserve most of the credit for.

  16. no problem Hamzeh.

    with the whole post, I was referring to their success. so it is a successful country.

    it might not be true democracy, but the closest to it in the Middle East.

    companies like Cisco, Google, Nortel, Motorola, and many others have operations in Israel not because of the size of the Israeli market, but because of the highly sophisticated scientific research and workforce. also, because of the good investment environment provided by the Israeli government.

    American success, absolutely. the success of the U.S. generated money that is helping Israel become more scientifically advanced. but, so is Oil Revenue in Arab countries. what has that money done to Arabs? there are hundreds, if not thousands, Jewish scientists all over the U.S. that also helps Israeli advancement.

  17. I actually work for such a company. We have an office in Haifa, and it is not a small office, and it is not a sales office, but an R&D office.

    My boss at work told me that one of the reasons companies have not opened R&D centers even in Dubai, is the government’s restrictions on internet access. Companies, especially like the one I work for, need to have zero exterior infringement and access to their products, and when you’re talking about a software company, most of its products can be infringed on if access to data is not in complete control of the company itself.

    This is why I hope that if we in Jordan want to be like one country in the Middle East in terms of attracting such companies to Jordan, we should not look towards competing for being the sales & support hub in the Middle East (something that Dubai might already be considered as), but an R&D hub.

    Let them have all their sales and support offices in Dubai, and we should be satisfied with R&D centers. In my mind, this is the goal to aim for.

  18. I agree.

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