Posted by: 7aki Fadi | June 17, 2007

Made In China

When I first came to Canada I was shocked because every time I check any label on any item I buy (ANY) I found out it was made in China!

 For example let me give you an idea of the things that are not more than ten footsteps away from hands reach that were made in China:

1) PS2 remote control.

2) A pottery Barn clock, OMG and we pay big bucks for anything Pottery Barn! This freakin clock cost me 90 dollars!!!!

3) Fancy chess set

4) All of my daughters toys. ALL OF THEM

5) OMG I just checked the little Canadian flag we have and this “I love Canada” mug and they are both made in China! This is too funny! It has China printed on both of them very clearly.

I don’t know if it’s a North American thing but 80% of anything we buy here is made in China. Even things that are expensive that you assume are not made there are made there. 

Which reminds me; the other day I was at The Bay stores and I was in the cosmetics section and I saw some dead sea minerals and some dead sea mud masks and I immediately assumed that they will say “Made in Israel” but to my complete joy they said “Made in Jordan” I was soooo proud I wanted to show it to all the people passing by and tell them, “it’s from my country! Look, look”. My poor friend was with me and I kept looking at the packages beaming and I think she now might think I am crazy to be super excited about something like that!

By the way, those packages are a rip off, 20 bucks for “7ifnet” dead sea salts that I can buy “bi shilin” in Amman.


  1. You know, few years back Canada had almost everything Canadian or Made in Europe (contrary to the US) which was 100% Chinese at the time. I remember my folks getting upset in the Malls of the US, then when I took them to Vancouver, they fell in love with that city and suddenly, everything was made in places other than China!

  2. looks like whoever is importing the dead sea salts to canada is making a good living!

  3. Child labour! Your mugs are made by Chinese blind infants!

  4. hahahahahahaha your post is just amazing

  5. It is good to see those Jordanian products among other stores in Canada. I can feel your excitement🙂

  6. last year i bought a shirt from old navy for one of the kids and it had a made in jordan tag! i was pretty surprised…it is not exlusive to made in china anymore:)

  7. Q: that’s odd considering that Vancouver is little China!

    whosane: I KNOW… I want to start importing this stuff :S

    KJ: ya think?

    Moey: glad you like it!

    The Observer: yeah whenever I see something like that I feel soooo good, but I don’t feel good about the prices though :S

    Sam: really? Coooooooool.

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