Posted by: globalorama | June 19, 2007

I love stories like this one….



  1. yeah success stories are a good read.

    a colleague of mine is from Aqaba and immediately recognized the name when I asked him about abul 3adas, this guy is famous in Aqaba.

  2. a story like this one makes you believe firmly that everything is possible. Even in Jordan, where some are desperate to run away, there are ways to be happy, and rich at the same time.

    I like how he had a built in pair of shoes.

  3. Just like thomas friedman said, it a plug and play world and the world is yours, unless you build barriers…

    Hassa begoloo 3anni 9ahyooni:)

  4. Exactly.
    actually Thomas Friedman mentions Amman, Intercontinental Hotel meeting with Rami Khouri at the beginning of his book the Luxes and the Olive Tree. He also mentions the success story of Jordan’s Aramex in his other book flat World.

  5. informative post, keep it up.,

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