Posted by: mohanned | June 22, 2007

Comparison or wake up call?


While browsing the web I stumbled upon this map, It is based on countries GDPs compared to the GDP of  american states. By the way Spain’s GDP is equal to the GDP of all the arab countries combined..We should be ruled by Donald Trump😛


  1. yay, I live in France.

  2. WOW… I live in Turkey!
    This is awesome …

  3. Mohanned, clever.

  4. intersting!! according to the map i live in mexico 🙂

  5. huh ? denmark and argentina ? I wish, hell no…
    tho its a nice pic.

  6. It turns out that I live in Pakistan??? loooool

  7. Hi, there!..ac8e86938d0e76c34864cce66ffa532b

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