Posted by: Who-sane | June 25, 2007

Nostalgic Bubble Gum?

Remember these? I was so surprised to find them in a small "subar marko" (as our 7aris el 3amara [doorman] back in Amman used to call it) in Dubai, so I bought a whole box of them! It’s so weird how after I left a comment about this kind of bubble gum last week on a post about the good ’ol things we miss, I come across this! AMAZING!

!علكة القط الياباني
They still look and taste the same! (impressive quality control!)

And of course, the best part! THE TATTOO!

Wet your skin (or lick it as we used to do) first and put back-side of this label on the skin
TADA! I used to do a better job at that back in the old days


  1. Well whosane the tattoo was not designed for a guy in his late 20’s with hairy arms HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA… next time do it on the other side😉

    But I still buy this gum here… e7m e7m … for my daguher 3ala asas .. hehehehe .

  2. it is called FUSEN gum, actually its my sister’s favourite, she once got a box of those as well, hehehehe

    its who-sane fu-sen :PP

  3. علكة البس الياباني, هاي كانت هوا بهوا لريحة الدخان..بس مشكلتها انو بصير الواحد جاي عبالو يبلعها بعد دقيقتين من المظغ..بعدين اثريك مكنسة يا ولد.. انا املس يا معلم..

  4. This is a very nice tattooo…I wish I can have one now! Both, the tattoo and the gum! It used to be one of my favourite!!!

  5. *lol* @ the tattoo…7aki is right, they are meant for hairless arms!*lol*
    i am so with mohanned on the you want to swallow them few minutes later! if the myth of gum staying in your stomach(mama!) is true, my whole stomach would be full of gum by now! with no place for food:)


  7. Hello

    What do you think about this? When it happens?

  8. Brings back childhood memories.I would say MOTHER OF ALL CHEWING GUMS

  9. i am chewing one right now,

  10. hi from Maldives!
    was my favourite chewingum in childhood but not found here anymore.
    I MISS IT SO MUCH. it wasn’t so sweet. was a mild one. BEST PRODUCT OF JAPAN.

  11. man, these wer all over sudan when we were kids… loved those things soooo much that i made a friend bring me back a box with them… holding a packet right now

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  13. كس نااااااااااااااااار و هاي لبعلكة فعلا زاكية

  14. I came across these in a little cigarette shop a few days ago in Mumbai, India. Bought a few and like you, amazed to find it’s still the same as it was when I was a kid nearly 3 decades ago.

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