Posted by: Who-sane | June 27, 2007

Aziz Maraka: not your average Jordanian musical whim

This is not a musical whim, and no, he’s not a whimsical artist either.

This is an example of the new generation of Jordanian music, and no I’m not talking about another ’Abo Yousef ka3k ib 3ajweh’ crap, or even the ridiculous ’Firqit Sala7if El Ninja’, el nawar.

This is real
This is GOOD!
This is far beyond than good!

This is Aziz Maraka, ladies and gentlemen.


Aziz Maraka is a unique artist with his musical vision, ’RAZZ’ music. A combination of rock, Arabian and Jazz melodies. Maraka’s music is influenced by several experiences and facts about him; he grew up in the region of Arabia, inspired by the Biblical sites and the Arabian music all over the place.

It is difficult to explain Razz, indeed. You have to experience it to understand it, and it will surely have you wanting more.

Yes, I DO WANT MORE! I listened to one of his songs, La Hali [Alone], and immediately fell in love with the music.

We all know that Jordan is not a music factory and it’s certainly not the best place for honing musical talent, but sure enough, Aziz is unique, in being one of the very few, if not the only one, who plays and sings this kind of music. Let’s support Aziz I say! I myself will buy a couple of his CDs, keep one and give one as a present.

Aziz, being from the new generation, realizes the positive impact of online marketing, and will therefore make his coming album available for free on his website:

This is a song that I totally related to. I also think he sounds pretty good, and the music is amazing! It’s an odd mixture, yes, but it’s the kind of oddness you’ll love!

Download La Hali (right click, save as)

عزيز مرقة – لحالي

بعيد كتير عن بلادي … عم بحكي لحالي …
وابصر مين بقوللي عادي … طب تعال مكاني …
أشتاق لمين وللا لمين؟ … والله كلهم عبالي …

وبتقللي بكرة بتهون … طب ما أنا محروم …
بنام عوينك يمّا .. اسمع لا تقلي … كيف بدها تهون؟
لسّا هلأ … هلأ هلأ عم بحكي … لحالي

آه يا حنين مستنيني … بكرة بحالي جايكي …
لا يا حنين لا تبكي لا … قلبي عليكي شاغلني …
بكرة سنين أنا وإنتِ … إيد بإيد بنمشي …
آه يا حنين يا حنين

أحكي للكل … الغربة ضيقة وذل …
أحكي لأمي .. كل ليلة ببكي … حبي إلها بهديه
لسا هلأ… هلأ هلأ … عم بحكي لحالي …


Another example of Maraka’s groovy and “danceable” songs is Bint El Nas (right click, save as).

Listen to the music on this one. Amazing and rare work indeed! Both these songs will be available in his yet-to-be launched CD.



  1. […] This is so good, I had to post it here as well. That blogger just amazes me with his stuff! […]

  2. Aziz is awesome and very talented. His work is so touching especially to expats.
    But Whosane, come on Abu Yousef is such a classic you really can’t consider it crap. If anything it should have been remade in studio quality and released. I for one consider it the national anthem of my house😀

    There are many amazing and promising new Jordanian generation, from Maraka to Macadi Nahhas …. Real quality and real talent!

  3. Qwaider, let me start by saying, thank you (NOT!!) for sending me Maraka’s song which I requested AGES ago😛

    Q: Check it out again when you’re not 16 years old anymore, and you won’t find it as amusing as it used to be. If you still find it cool now then you should seriously write a review on ferqit sala7if el ninja …😛

    Maraka is good, I loved his stuff!😀

  4. 3ala Rasi ya CD … You will get it … bas azgo6ak

  5. on MSN that is🙂

  6. I haven’t attended any concert of Aziz Maraka, but everybody says he’s good and has talent and I really liked the two songs you’ve put on this post.
    However I did not understand the reason of all the insults to the big DJ Abu Yousef, well, perhaps you don’t like his music and this is acceptable, but it’s shameful to define it as ‘crap’ (also, I didn’t understand the link between Abu Yousef and Ninja Turtles, can you explain that since i think they are not connected at all).
    We can say in defense of Abu Yousef that:
    1- He was creative.
    2- He was original, and he brought to the Arab Music something new.
    3- He was an icon of the Jordanian pop culture of the last decade.
    And I think no one can deny these three points…

  7. A36eeni 3eesa, aah malak 3la abu yousef ya Mr.Husein? techno 3la rap 3la hip hop, O ba3den malha kama ferghet el boreeni(Sala7ef el ninja) 3leem alla bergo9o rage9 eshi fa7’er 3l a7’er..

    Sho7′ 3lena 3shan btesma3lak shwayyet rock o 7there 7aflet madri aero ma 3’ro..

  8. Yugi: yeah Aziz Maraka seems promising.

    But what “all the insults” to the “big” DJ Abu Yousef are you talking about?

    I did not call the “big” DJ Abu Yousef crap, I don’t even know the guy. I called his music crap, which is a personal opinion and is no where near “shameful”, what would be shameful of me is to think it’s crap and not say it’s crap. And the connection between Abu Yousef’s ka3k ib 3ajweh and sala7if el ninja is that it’s both, again, crap.

    Yes, agreed, he was creative, original and an icon, but for 15 and 16 year-olds that is. All the stuff he did was only good for “ri7lat el madaris” as mohanned (el hawwayeh) said on his post.

    So please, spare me the misinterpretation and/or putting words in my mouth, because what I said was clear.

    But thanks for dropping by though🙂

  9. Who-sane:
    “but it’s shameful to define it as ‘crap’”: you can check that it here refers to the music, i did not put words in your mouth; you yourself said that (1) Abu Yousef’s music is crap and (2) you connected him with “salahef al ninja” defined by you as Nawar (with all my respect to the gypsies).
    First, I think you can talk about Aziz Maraka without offending others, either if you don’t like them.
    Then, Dj Abu Yousef gained a lot of popularity in Jordan, not only among teens, a big part of adult Jordanians criticized him, but others liked his comic rap, so are all these Jordanians suffering from coprophilia? do the 15 and 16 year old boys like crap music? Can i remind you that Zgurt Song was released by the international music label EMI!? yes he really made a kind of ‘revolution’ he was the first one who used slang words in his songs. Nowadays, which artist has the courage to release a song named “Zgurt”?
    I know that Abu Yousef’s lyrics are not written by Nizar Qabbani or Ahmad Rami, but this is the strength of his songs, the words are taken directly from the street life, they are urban-inspired, and yes they are funny… even better!
    An important fact that proves that Dj Abu Yousef is really big and his music isn’t crap is that today, after more than ten years we are still talking about him and his songs… how many Arab songs do you remember of ten years ago?

  10. Hey, yeah.. I was lucky to attend the very first concert for Aziz and Razz here at school in Arkansas last year..He was really amazing. I was extremely proud of him being a Jordanian talented singer on stage with everybody engaged with him music.. he made us Jordanian students at school really proud.. hehehe.. Well, Jad aziz even in person is just so down to earth.. he is very simple, nice, and appreciative of people😉 way to go AZIZ!

  11. relax guys. Abu youseph sucks in a good way : )

    but really, Aziz is great. also, check out Yazan Al rousan.

  12. Globalorama thanks for suggesting Yazan Al rousan.. he is fantastic.. I love his music style😉

  13. Yugi: why is it shameful to consider something crap when it really is all that? This is my personal opinion and everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I wasn’t aware that George Orwell’s Thought Control was on. I can think whatever I want here. I call it crap, you call it “comic rap”, sounds the same to me🙂

    By the way, you’re taking this way too personal, I’m starting to think you’re either the “BIG” DJ Abo Yousef, or you’re a very close friend, but in both cases, you shouldn’t be telling people what to think and what not to think, what to label as crap and what to label as icon-ish.

    And please don’t get me started on the lyrics “ro7t ajog ma3aha, goltilha ka3k ib 3ajweh, galatli laish goltilha la2, galatli mosh zaki”. COME ON Yugi! Will you please be a little bit reasonable here? What street-life or urban-inspiration is that? That sounds more like stalking to me, LOL! And I’ve never heard of the song Zgurt before, perhaps I wasn’t 16 anymore when it was released.

    Yugi, you can see that I’m very supportive of good Jordanian talent, and have written about Yazan Al Rousan previously and now of Aziz Maraka, and I will continue promoting good Jordanian talent that adds more value to the overall image of Jordanian music, not “funny music” that makes other nations laugh at (not with) us and at our music.

    Abu Yousef is long gone and may his music and his ka3k ib 3ajweh rest in piece. The future is for the likes of Maraka and Al Rousan. So let’s stop arguing here and start supporting the new generation!🙂

  14. Oh my god this guy is amazing.. and trust me it means a lot coming from me because i cant stand to listen to arabic music.. (seriously i cringe whenever i have to listen to arabic music)
    but this guy is goooood!

  15. Yes. Bless you, Bliss! Totally forgot to mention this point. I don’t usually listen to Arabic music either, but Maraka’s stuff is different. Glad you likey🙂

  16. Globalorama, you’re right Abu Yousef sucks in a good way🙂

    Who-sane, can I reply to your comment, naturally with all my affection and respect..

    1- There is any thought control in the fact of criticing the using of the word “crap” in your post, in my comments I was saying that Abu Yousef’s music isn’t so bad, this was a personal opinion in reply to your opinion -that I do not share with you-.

    2- I’m not DJ Abu Yousef neither I know who really is…It’s strange that you said I’m taking it personally, check my comments and you’ll see that most of what i’ve written are not personal opinions… He had a large popularity. Almost all Jordanian know him. He is still famous 10 years after his last song. He is the first Jordanian Rapper (and by sure one of the first Arabs). The Zgurt Song (That I’m 100% sure you know it’s the song with Rania Kurdi) was produced by one major music label, namely EMI. It was released on the same album with Cheb Khaled, Amr Diab and Elham Madfa3e (That I do not know since I do not listen to Arabic music like you)… so there’s something personal? man these are facts!

    3- You’ve said that I shouldn’t tell people what to think and what not to think, what to label or not to label. Please can cite only a sentence in my comments that proofs this, I was only explaining my personal points of view, or this is your right only? If you don’t like to be criticized that’s your problem.

    4- I like Rousan and Maraka, and I’ve supported them before and they have great talents, and yes they seem promising. But I didn’t understand why you tried to connect them with Abu Yousef (totally different genre and style) and why you are accusing me of not supporting them…(that is untrue)

    5- Man, you can still consider his music as crap, this is your opinion. I still consider his music funny, comical and humorous.

    PS: This site says DJ Abu Yousef will release a new song in 2007… so we will have more crap music!!🙂 🙂🙂

  17. The reason I mentioned Thought control is because you stated that it was “shameful” that I called his music crap. That’s why the use of the word “shameful” showed that you’re taking it personal. If you just said “I think Abu Yousef kicks ass” it would’ve been ok, but no, you had to use the word shameful, as if it were my patriotic dutie to stand up for him and by not doing so I’ve besmirched a sacred law. All I was doing was expressing myself, and I think his music is crap, and will think so for the rest of my life. But I do respect your persistance, and again, on your 3rd point, the use of the word shameful.

    The reason why I connected them is because, in my opinion, Abu Yousif gave the hyp Jordanian music a bad name, so it was a caution to readers not to think it’s another lousy attempt, that’s all. I did not accuse you of not supporting Jordanian talent, again you’re putting words in my mouth.

    He’s releasing new songs? Shouldn’t he be like 50 by now? LOL! I respect him for not giving up though.


  18. I love Aziz Maraqa! Attended a concert of his, loved his performance and the band – Razz-. I have had his whole album since he first started, I recommend Amman(The Story) and Laish Habeebi, They’re awesome!

  19. i have been looking n searching everywhere to get “ya bint il nas”! man it’s so good, Aziz you’re great🙂

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