Posted by: qwaider | July 1, 2007

ArabExpat’s future!

Most of you don’t know this, but the contributors here are discussing whether we should move from WordPress to something like blogspot/blogger.

Many have voiced their opinion but I’m sure you, our valued reader, might want your voice heard as well, so what do you think?
Should we move to something else like Blogspot?
Does this make you, happier?
Do you find it easier to use?

We really want to hear from you


  1. Back in Bama, folks used to say:

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”


  2. wordpress is not bad … but i like the seperate RSS feeds for each post … its easier to follow up with comments than faving a page and cheking it every once and a while … like i do in ur blog Q:\

  3. I like wordpress, it seems faster.

  4. Doesn’t matter, what matters is content

  5. Well I agree with KJ above, but personally I prefer WordPress.

  6. Hi

    I can’t be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don’t have anything to say recently.


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