Posted by: mohanned | July 10, 2007

An Interesting conversation..

What you are about to read took place in my living room;I had this conversation with a jordanian from palastenian origin(Thats what she prefer to be called, actually without the the word jordanian)..

Me: Hey did you see that brigget bitch on Fox news the other day?

My friend: Yeah man, what’s up with that!

His wife: yeah she did hit on my nerves..

Me: The killer is that she is lebanese and she wants to deport all muslims out of the US; she is saying that all muslims are terrorists and muhammad PBUH is satan..

My friend: I don’t know man, alla yostor..

Me: But you know what! Sometimes I feel that it is our fault, look at iraq and what is happening there, where ever you hear the world islam you will find killing and terror. I am just sad that we can’t stand up, and even if we do, you will find some “brothers” saying we are infidels..

My friend and his wife : Yeah..

Me: So what’s new?

My friend: not much, but dude jordan is going to be crushed this summer with all the iraqis and tourists from the gulf..

Me : hell yeah, thats jordan, our doors were always open..But you know what ,I think that diversity is good for us, great countries always tend to be diverse and palastenians are not better than iraqis so why not welcome them, but of course we have to demand aid from who caused this mess in the first place and we have to focus on security..

My friends wife: Huh, no. They shouldn’t allow anyone to come in!!

Me in surprise: Wow, I would expect that from anyone but  you..

Her: Well thats what I have, when we(she means palastenians) came to jordan it was empty and we built it, but now it is full.

Me : yeah jordanians dropped from mars after the 1967, but anyway jordan is still empty we just need infrastrucure with the help of the international community and we will be good to go.

Her: No, jordan is full of people we shouldn’t accept any more refugees!!

Me :WOW, WOW, WOW, but diversity is good, we will gain alot from it if we maintained our security, those refugees are consumers, workforce and people just looking for shelter. Just look at america which you are now a citizen of, it is diversity that makes it great, and based on what you said I can conclude that you support the deportation of mexicans and “illegal aliens”, right?

Her: yes, of course they shouldn’t be here..

Of course after the last statment I changed the subject and we talked about petra.

What lessons do we learn from this conversation?  

Note: My whole idea is to show that we arabs in general only care about ourselves and hell with others, my position is that we should accept refugees only after we get the compensation from who caused their misery, but knowing that 90% of the compensation will be LOST somehow I say “God bless jordan and jordanians for how much they have tolerated over the years”..


  1. “What lessons do we learn from this conversation? that we arabs in general only care about ourselves and hell with others”

    Really? what an intellectual you are. So 300 million Arabs and 6 million Jordanians with 4 million Jordanian Palestinains have voted for your selfish friends to speak on their behalf.

    What do we learn from your post? That you are a shallow guy who is fishing for answers to support his argument. because if you ask me and I am of Palestinian origin I would tell you open the doors to all refugees. Heck I am appalled by the bad treatment Iraqis are receiving in Jordan after years of giving us cheap oil and preferential treatment. We tax them until they break, we collect billions of dollars of Iraqi investments and never give any of it back to Jordanians in terms of lowered taxes and increased subsidies for fuel and food and then we blame them for inflation and all of our problems.

    Now what lessons can you learn from my post. Nothing but my personal opinion. Unless you conduct a poll, you know nothing about Jordanians let alone Arabs.

    Now if I want to be nasty like you, I would arrive at a lesson that I must never discuss anything with a Jordanian because he is so untrustworthy that my discussion will be a post on his blog. But of course that’s silly, since you only represent yourself and your poor manners.

  2. well you, she and ali have a point here … but wallah the poor manners came from you Ali not form mohannad …

    back the the subject … i think that any (refugee/alien/immigrant/you name it) who is not willing to integrate with the hosting country should not live there … i mean palestinians integrated with jordanians … so its ok … but iraqis didnt … mexicans in the US didnt … alot of arabs and muslims in europe didnt … how u r supposed to be OK if u r a citizen who pays alot of taxes ,,, and a good part of it goes as welfare to people who are born in your country but dont bother to work and pay taxes or even speak ur God damn language ?? that would hurt right ??

    simple as that … integrate or leave … and by integrate i dont mean lose your national identity … just be an active part of the society … produce and interact … not live in Arab Ghetto’s or Spanish Harlems and say you’re an american …

  3. I totally agree with Issam…a person should respect and church the country he is living in. for me, I’m from a Palestinian origin, I have been born, lived my whole life in Jordan. When I go out, and someone asks me where am I from, I answer that I’m from Jordan…I’m proud to represent Jordan, and I consider myself as a loyal citizen in Jordan. For u Ali, I guess Issam was also right when he said that a better manner should have been maintained in our dissection, specially when such sensitive issues r involved…

  4. What really makes the wonder here is that you are still talking and debating about what happened in 1967 and 1948!

    When Palestinians refugees came to Jordan in 1948 and 1967, most of you were not yet born! How come you are talking about it like it was yesterday?

    From where I see things, what happened is that the Palestinians came to Jordan, Jordanian was generous enough to give them passports and IDs and considered them as Jordanians. Now after 59 years, or 40 years I think it’s a shame that we are still talking about that matter, because I think by now it’s a known that Palestinians and Jordanians have no differences whatsoever, and anyone without a good political background would know that!

    One more thing, I don’t think that Iraqi refugees are in any comparison place with Palestinian refugees for far too many reasons!

  5. why do I keep hearing this “what Jordanians have tolerated” crap when it comes to the “Palestinians” . This is historically untrue, The Palestinains or the west bankers, where part and parcel of the Jordanian (east bank) society, economy and structure even before 1967. If you read the time magazine article that someone posted on his blog, in the aftermath of the 67 war about King Hussein, you will get some really good insight on this. For example Jordans economy was hugely affected by the loss of tourism income from Jerusalem and Bethlehem after the war. I think the numbres mentioned where upward of 50% of the economy.So just as it is not proper to say that Palestinians built Jordan, in the same token it is not proper to say that Jordan somehow did the refugees (especially 1967 refugees) a favor. Its like saying people escaping the Tsunami in Sumatra have to thank the rest of Indonesia for providing them with aid. It is a national duty , and thank god Jordan did the right thing. Now regarding the opinions of your guests and also yours, those are soley your/their opinions, you cannot extend the argument too much, this is what is causing tension in Jordan today. At one time west bankers helped the east bankers, my dad finished his tawjihi and before he went to university he taught tawjihi in the east bank, because there was a lack of teachers at the time. When the 67 war broke out my father ended up being a Jordanian citizen, i view this as a great example of unity, ignorance is pulling people apart and propagating ignorant ideas will only harm Jordan at the end of the day.

  6. This is a little off topic from the other comments, but I read that woman’s book who was on FOX, her name is Bridgitte something and she survived the Lebanese civil war. I try to read all sides of an argument, if I can get my hands on them. She definitely has views that I don’t agree with, but in her book she did make some interesting observations about Jordan. She is afraid that the same situation going on in the UK right now (suspects planning plots that are UK citizens via immigration) could happen in Jordan. She says that Jordan is very open and welcoming, but that it could hurt them in the end if they give citizenship/passports to someone capable of plotting an attack.

    Just something to think about, not argue about:)

  7. Ali,
    Thanks for the kind words, the whole idea behind my post was to show how shallow some people are, and thank you for proving my point..

    I agree with you 100%, integration is crucial but what I hate is hypocracy thats all.

    We should all be be proud to be jordanians, and my post wasn’t about origin but I tried to express my sadness of how some people feel that it is a shame to be called jordanian..

    In 1948 and 1967 jordan and palastine were one state, so it is not a “favor and generousity” that they had the jordanian ID and passport; they were jordanians. Ana again my point was not this.

    My responses to the others except the one to “ali” can explain what I meant,jordanians of palastenian origins are JORDANIANS PERIOD. Their economic effect can’t be ignored or denied and who ever do that is IGNORANT..Jordan’s doors have been always open and will always be, thats what makes great nations, but security is a concern, once you have security and diversity we will build the greatest nation in the world. Iraqis gave us free oil, they stood by our side each and every time we needed them, they are educated and profissional..

    As I said security is a concern, but this brigget is just unbelievable!!And she gets lots of air time on Fox noise!!

  8. Ali
    Agree with most of what u said but not with attacking Mohanad in that way ,assume he did not mean to be bad person


    Excuse me to say that you are talking shit ! you talk like a 4 years old kid who says to the kids he BEGGED to come to his place and play with him ” get out of here I dont need u anymore !” after he is done , I am pure Jordanian and some of my relatives still pray for Jordan and the King 5 times a day as God( which I dont agree with ) but I am also an Arbic Muslim well educated guy that will never talk about such a silly thing in such a silly way in such as silly time !
    I know that if Pals. did not come to Jordan years back Jordan will be now as Libya or Yemen or even Syria . Now Being a Jordanian I am proud of being so and proud of being generous to my Guests , so when I do good to them I dont keep reminding them of that or this will be “lo2om and t7meel jmaayel” , when you do something good you should never expect any returns , right ?
    Now I have seen many Arabic series like “7aleem” that showed the same exact story but between Syrians and Egyptions , Syrians begged Abdel naser to announce the United Arab Kingdom and include Syria in it because they will benifit from that ( security , money , power ,resources ) BUT after few years SYRIANS asked him to leave !!!!
    What I want to say is ” el damm 3la ba3tho thgeel ” and we arabs will never be united as long as we still think in such crab.
    I respect every Jordanian that hosted any Pals. ( for Allah only ) and I also respect every Pals. remembered this good and worked for Jordan even more that some Jordanians.But I also hate ever Jord. or Pal. that tries to open such stinky subjects.

    I dont agree with you on 2 points :
    1- As a Jordanian I dont tell people what do my friend’s wife says( If I like my friend at least ) when I meet with them specially it seems from your post that ur friend is Jordanian because u did not talk about him or what did he say about that issue. Then instead of changing subjects why didn’t you say what you just said to People to your friend and his wife? if you beleive that you are right you can say it face to face , but I am sure that you are deep inside 100% sure that you cant defend your theory because it is 100 years old.the problem that you will keep it inside you and pass it to your kids and your kids kids !!!

    2-You say that you are in US , so do you like to build this country and then find US saying I DONT NEED YOU ANYMORE ? assume that you got the US citizenship, when anybody asks you where you from , you will say you are “AMERICAN citizen from Jordan” , its not a shame to remember the origins even if things changes , and I am 200% sure if cases were to be switched and Jordanians went to Pal. and some body asked you from where u are , then u will say Palestinian FROM JORDAN.

    There are millions of things MORE important than this silly subject specailly for us Arabs, take into consideration that 50-70% of your friends are from Pal. and 99% from people who may helped u in the US are from Pal.

    So please stop that hate and move to a point where you dont talk or let your kids talk about such things , otherwise we will always be the garbage of history

  9. Ordoni,
    I don’t know where in my post I had the word hate. The main point behind the post is to show the shallowness that some people have. and my friend saying your origin is not a shame(did I say that?)

    Anyway,it is expected that some people will think my post came out of “hate” simply because I am jordanian. If you read my post you will find that I was defending the idea of being open as a society.

  10. -Mohanad

    Sure I assume that you did not mean that or otherwise I would reply the same way Ali did.

    look garaba, we should face the fact that real Jordanian people are starving there while those Iraqi and Hareeri People are making Millions of dollers ,Jordan is not and will not be as US , US can accept immigrants for the next 200 years with no problems , you know why ? because real AMERICANS will ipmrove their lifes when that happens not going to the worst . But in Jordan I am hearing from my friends there that they started to think about committing suicide! you know why ? because they see those spoiled guys comming into Jordan ( WITH THEIR MILLIONS OF $ ) buying luxury cars , eating in best places , having all kind of pleasure including taking and playing with those poor guys girlfriends and just creating a bigggg gap between people . we used to live simply and feel that all people in Jordan are one one level ( excpet fot 7etaan that will never dissapear ) but now !!!. So I beleuve that what your friend meant when he/she said we dont need anymore refugees they said that because they love Jordan more than they love al Hareeri dollars, they DONT want the world to say ohh God , bueatiful Jordan , #1 in investments in the middle east , highest building ever , were real Jordanian are starving to death , got it ?!
    >> Americans benifit from immegration
    >> Jordanians eat shit from any more immegration , it is simple as that

  11. Ordoni,
    You know why jordanian eat air from immigration? the first reason is corruption, the second reason is that we must change when our enviroment changes. I don’t want to change this debate into a financial one. I am for the jordnian poor, but only jordanians can get themselves out of poverty, jordanians tend to relax and not even bother to build themselevs. I remember my days in the university of jordan when I saw people that makes you wonder if we can ever advance!

    My friend, if we build the needed infrastructure which includes water, roads and energy we can take immigrants, but there is no political will, jordan has enormous resources that can make us a developed country BUT!!

    I am just really sad that some shallow people took my argument as hate while I was advocating openness..

  12. Great !! So we now agree on that Jordan can NOT ( and should not ) bring in anymore people , it is not ready for any more immigrants ( AT THIS TIME ). so your friend was right !

    We can not talk about openness Until Jordanians do what you said ( advance , work , think seriously , explore the world , decide to change ) and that in my opinion will take so long ( althoug I hope It wont ) .

    Now my point is not defending your friend ! it is about why do we Jordanian accept ourselves to critcize Jordan and talk shit about it ( although we dont mean that bs men el gahar 3l 7aal ) and we do not accept any NON-Jordanian to do the same ( even he may heve more love to Jordan than most of us?) it is like if your father or brother plays with your 2 years kid and says ” yl3an abook” or whatever then ” you will ASSUME they mean to say alla ys3dak ” but when somebody else say that you will say ” this guy meant to say something ,he hates me from inside ” !!!althoug that guy may love your kid more or like your borther does !

    For me , I am kind of guy who will say the same thing if you said ” jordan will accept more people in the summer ” I will simply say ” enshalla la2 , he el bld nag9ha !!, we have to close border for at least the next 5 comming years ” is it because u love jordan more than me ? no . I am Jordanian JUST like you but I care about el sha3b more than I care about having high buildings and coffe shops and 2008 cars . For me , I am now so worried more than EVER to let my sisters go shopping in Jordan Malls, it is like going to 7ajj ” bdon tshbeeh ” , you may be killed by people walking over you !!! adding to that the new crimes and stories that we starting to hear about and that we NEVER had bfore few years ….

    Thanks for the intersting talk though , and el ordon awwalan wel faisali el za3eem : )

  13. “el ordon awwalan wel faisali el za3eem ”
    For some people this statment can be translated as racism and hate, right? I hope that this pressure put on jordanians will make them move to change things, but will they?

    Jordanians should be smarter and take advantage of what they have, Iraqis poured money into the economy and their “life style” can make many jordanians less poor, but you must know where the shoulder should be eaten;) What me, you and everyone else say DOESN’T matter because we don’t have a say in anything, right?

    I am for security, openness, diversity, freedom of speech and patriotism at the same time, I know it hard to combine all of the above but it is also hard reduce the shalowness and ignorance.

    You are welcome.

  14. Guys, guys, guys!

    Why has this turned into a racial argument? I don’t see any racism in the post. From my point of view I see a suggestion that mohanned is bringing forward, to compensate the country for opening its doors wide open for any incommers, and I can see clearly he’s talking about the Iraqis in Jordan and giving the 1967 as an example.

    ArabExpats will not tolerate any racism, hence the deletion of Anon’s comment.

  15. Who-Sane, in 1967 Jordanians fled from west bank to east bank. THEY ARE NOT REFUGEES!!!. SO STOP REPEATING NONSENSE!

  16. hi guys long long time since my last comment:)

    Shall I comment or shall I not hmmmm walahee am little bit reluctant to comment but this time is free of charge maybe this last time comment of mine on this subject would put some light on these dark arabian heads!!

    okay guys wherever ur origins r jordan ,palestine,iraq,syria,lebanon,egypt…okay can we go to the basics?
    the basic picture that I see now u r only toys with no meaning of being disrespectfull but u r really toys with the same meaning of this word…u have allowed urself to think that jordan is my race,palestine is my race,iraq is my race……….

    u r stupid.. there is no race called iraqis ,no race called jordanians no race called palestinians if u put a microscope and enlarge the pictures of what they want to do with us u cany also go and say there is no race called sunna there is no race called shei3a,there is no race called drooz there is no race called 7izbu allah, there is no race called 7amas,there is no race called christians in lebanon…got the picture now or all of u r still stupid enough to say e7na el falas6eenyeh wela e7na el ordoneyeh wela e7na el 3eraqyeh……this the crap that u have been pourly taught to all of u by media ,arabian govenners,USA and maybe israeal and finally some arabian fools that belived and implemented this lies give u an example see lebanon ,palestine and iraq after 5 or 8 years from now u ll find them devided for two or three countries…if u wanna choose a race or a grouping for u the best grouping that can be mentioned
    is when they describe a terrorist for the first time on fox news bulliten “Someone from Middle eastern origin “ethniticy” is suspected to blow this site and have been arrested”….

    Mohannad my friend I have one comment for you pleaaaaaaaaaase pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase pleaaaaaaaaaase stop for one time saying “God bless jordan and jordanians for how much they have tolerated over the years”.. pleaaaaaaaaaase okay because maybe ur intetions is good man maybe u like palestinians but when u say this word even if u r a palestinian…the result is feeling hatred.. I ll give u a simple example do u think there is no racism within palestinian and jordanian communities? look at West Bank and Gaza what they say to each other u ll know that there is
    look for Sal6 wel sharkas o el 6afayleh u ll know but when u just say this phrase u actually may provoke people…frankly I say yes jordan is one of the countries that has hosted a lot of refugees maybe it should get a medal or an honurship by Unesco or UN or Nobel for that but nevertheless in every war that happened in this region that caused refugees u ll always find jordan benifited as economy the most..but the poor jordanians didnt see that huge amount of money do u want me to say whay?

    I guess u know my answer no need to state it and my answer is not only jordan see palestine El sol6a 3ala sabeel el methal look at saudi arabia look at egypt look at syria …u r not allowed to smell that money and when they want blame someone instead of pointing at their corruption what they r doing? simply they r drawing an arrow for their ignorant poor people pointing at someone else ,lets say hmmmmmmmm…in case of syria its USA and israeal….in case of jordan its thoose damn refugees we have… case of saudi arabia …its those islamist that casued this shitty economy and those labours we need to saudization…in case of palestine it is 7amas and those jehadees whose causing u to be poor…..see man they r brilliant that they make us paint their own shit on our face and then start like the smell even….

    sorry guys its an article not a comment but I hope u got what I want to say am not racist to any race and I have to declare it clear I dont belong to any land except the land that can unit me with my own stupid race if its damen the devil itself then god bless it..:)

  17. Tiger,

    Alla m7ayye a9lak , this is EXACTLY what I was trying to say. You hit the point , I consider talking or even thinking about such crab at this critical time and by who! by people living in the US and are supposed to have skipped that stupid level of thinking about such silly things , I consider that just a try to start a fire that may be exisitng in some peoples’ hearts, but we can say as human-beings ( not God ) allah y36e kol wa7ad 3la gadd neeto ( some people will be angry of this da3wa and those who I have a problem with 🙂 )

    Thanks All,

  18. Lah lah ya tiger:) be9eeresh a7ki god bless jordan and jordanian, ya zalameh hay da3weh la rabbna mesh lal bashar..

    3la kol 7al ya cousin if you read what I said you will know that I was attacked simply because I am jordanian, eventhough I was for openness and diversity..

    bas enta beddal 3la rasi😀

  19. mohannad waht i meant is the part :for how much they have tolerated over the years only and specificly beinak o bein rabna ed3ee lakol balad o sha3eb 3arabee allah be3een el jamee3:)

    u were not attacked becoz ur jordanian please remove this from ur mind..this definsive mentality that causes division and hatred between one race …arabic middle eastern race please do remove it… no one hates u mohannad if u start thinking like this u ll deal with it with more ease..for palestinians who thinks by attacking jordan they become loyal to their cause I would tell them u become traitors to ur cause once u loose ur morality simple as that please guys I dont want to discuss this disgusting selly subject any more lets avoid it and be more responsible as arab muslim or non muslim youth whom this big and diverse nation future relies on please!!.

  20. ordoni 7ur 3ala rasee ya cd:)

    by the way am palestinian eza fee 7ada ma be3raf o ‘7soosan men Gaza ya3nee refugee 3al ordon bas ma3 haik I dont hate jordanians their good kind and zgorteyeh (someone explains this word please)I hate their media and their goverments thats all.. because it always tries to picture as if jordan under great danger jordan is going to be destroyed this stereo type of media that is there in USA if u compare the jordanian media and USA u ll find many similarities …and hey am again not picking at jordanians I have been educated in jordan and I owe this country a lot so no one no one tries to misqoute me..

  21. Zgortee means nashmee by the way 3ashan ma 7ada yefham ‘3ala6🙂

  22. tiger,
    Only two people or three were offended by I what I said, this post has been read over 110 times and only 8 people commented which shows that almost 95% knew what I meant, and those 5% have the loudest voices..

    Please, please go back and read what I wrote and my replies to the comments and be fair, and praying for jordan is NOT a crime or racism, it is not my problem that some people feel offended when I pray for jordan. Each and everyone can pray for his country as much as he can/want, I am sal6i-jordanian-muslim-arab, thats how I define myself. The prophet PBUH was proud of who he was, all arabs and muslims were proud of who they were but that didn’t mean racism, it mean knowing your priorities..

    Anyway, wether you admit it or not, some people HATE to hear the word jordan. But still WE love and care for everyone and we will stay like this because this is how we were brought up..

  23. Abed: I’d love to believe so too, but unfortunately that wasn’t really the case. The nonsense you’re referring to are facts.

    Tiger: Welcome back man! It’s always good to have you on the blogosphere. I can’t disagree with you on the “Arab” thought, although that’s very far-fetched, and yes although we are called Arabs, but we’re also referred to by what country we’re from. I think that was very clear when Petra won, because our friends in Egypt didn’t like that, although it should’ve been an “Arab” victory.

    And Tiger, what’s wrong with saying “God bless Jordan and Jordanians”? I really can’t see anything wrong with that. All nations of the world suffered, and it’s only normal to see a Jordanian wishing something nice to his nation and his people. I’m sure mohanned did not mean “God bless Jordan and the real Jordanians”.

    And do enlighten me on how are all the millions of our Iraqi brothers in Jordan are benefiting it? Yes, it is benefiting some people, but the majority are screwed with the high increase in gas (petrol), property and all commodoties you can think of. So I fail to see how that benefited Jordan.

  24. guys this going to be another kind of agonising debate u didnt get my point yet and I dont want to explain more to something already explained am telling from my side god bless jordan jordanians and all arabs ma 3endee moshkeleh behal sha’3leh bas always look at the big picture mohannad my dear again and again me and u on diffrent sides of the boat I hope u would get the point I want to reach it with u but I dont want to discuss it in public so that it would be understood as just another type of critisizim for you personally I like you and feel you r a very good guy so i ll stick to this point any further comments from my side I ll not make it in public I ll make it in private🙂

    who-Sane…. again few of jordanians r gaining a lot of money of these wars and crisis like whats happening in gulf area and all this shit of housing stuff its the same if u compare life in gulf now and whats turning to be and try to rethink of very highly costly life with really no savings and nothing and paying 80% of ur income to rent and stuff u ll rethink even in staying in gulf and start to think that jordan with all its high prices is better place than the whole gulf area….see man simply us arabs now r being manuplated by few arab buisnuess men who have nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo other objective other than sucking out blood and selling our cause more and more simple as that…. but u simple citizins who doesnt have anything nor power u dont see this money because its only by few and I can count them for you and my list would be less than 10…the rise in petrol u r right it damaged the economy big time but there was other alternatives..sade2nee ya shreek I lived in jordan before and after and at the start of this phenomenal rise and all down to corruption nothing more than that.

  25. Tiger — A.K.A Zgort🙂

    Again you are right ,and I am a Pure Jordanian guy who does not beleive in stereotyping ( 3meem I think ) and I like to judge EVERYONE based on his/her conduct , manners and morals.

    By the way one of my best friends is from Gaza, My heart with these people , I remember that he did not have any kind of ID in Jordan and it really kills u to be with no ID anywhere !

    Anyways, Again Mohanned ya garaba we are not fighting or louding our voices , we are just talking . and again you are ignoring the rest of Tiger’s sentence when he said “God bless jordan and jordanians (((((for how much they have tolerated over the years)))) ” No body can prevent you or me to pray for anything , so how if that thing is our home country !! but the rest it the thing that is not supposed to be said AT THIS TIME ( say it in ur heart ) , so God bless u and Tiger and every Arabi in this word.

    Another thing that I want to say, My father whose bones are Jordanian🙂 and who served in the military to support Palestine and whose brother was killed there too always taught me an important thing : ” el kreem elle ma bstnna mn thaifo (his guest) ygollo y5lf 3l mnsf elle 3mltlna yaah AND ma bgool thani youm lal 3alm enno 3ml la thaifo mnsf othb7lo el 5aroof el wa7eed elle 3ndo” wel bagi 3ndkom o slameh tsallmkom

  26. Ordoni,
    Come on now! In your previous comments you were saying that “jordanians” ate shit from having refugees, I am a bit confused now..
    Jordanians of palastenian origins are JORDANIANS period. We have to stop treating them as refugees and they have to stop behaving as ones, it is simple. Jordan is not buffer zone anymore, jordan is a country with people that have an identity, Jordanians of palastenian origin shouldn’t consider jordan a refugee camp, it is their COUNTRY.

    This post was taken out of context by a small group of people, and that makes me happy because 95% of the readers GOT IT..

    O ba3den ma gottle ya garaba, mesh el ordon awwalan wel fesali el za3eem can be considered some kind of racism by some people?

  27. Moh

    seems you dont want to read our posts as they are ,if anybody reads me last post it has NOTHING to do with your reply , but here are things in points ( may be easier for you to read )

    1- Yes Ordan ate SHIT from refugees in the past few years ( you can find this sentence in one of my posts ) those refugees are Iraqi , Lebaneese , an Hareeri’s.
    Jordan ate ( el shahd ) from other PREVIOUS refugees , namley most of the pals. people in Jordan now.Because without them we will be just like Libya or Yemen or even Syria ( you can find this sentence in one of my posts )

    2- having your math and saying that 95% got what you wanted to say JUST because they did not reply is called ” e7tmaal 3shwaa2i “. I can post a very SILLY MEANINGLESS issue and have 1000 people read it with no reply u know why ?
    so here is how it should be calculated :
    1- People agreed with what I said ( but I think they should reply with thank you at least or saying that you are right ! ) Prob = 1/3

    2- People did not have time to reply on this suject because it is just so boring and so old topic that we are not supposed to talk about . Prob = 1/3 (( I support this one ))

    3- IF people really think you are right then they would attack me and the other 5 people you are talking about because they agree with you ( dont agree with us ) prob. = 1/3

    so I can say that it is 70% probabiltiy that peole found you wrong ! again it is just probabilies.

    3- when I hear people saying ” el ordon awwaln ” or ” kollna el ordon ” I just have a mixed feeling : I laugh because I see how people are still soooooo simple and bieleve in such words , which by the way means be selfish and look for your self only .And I also feel like I want to cry because people really beleive in these words as if they were Quran and keep saying it DAILY!!
    when I said it i followed it by a LAUGH , meaning that I am making fun of that and trying to reach a point to some people who will understand if they really read the previous part of the post ( your problem is that you just pick words and leave the rest ! )
    by the way I beievle on the other half of that saying ” el faisali z3eem , just like I love Brazilian team , and just like my BROTHER loves we7dat ) !!

    4- Finally , sometimes I say : ” sho elle b3jbna e7na el ordonyyeh? ” . If a Pales. said that he is JORDANIAN infront of SOME sick jordanian people they will say ” fashart , hath saddg 7alo , gal ordoni gaal , 6b sho esm 3l 3eeleh ” and I heard that from some educated Jordanians at some universities .
    So Dont blame Pales. people if they say they are Jordanians from Pales. origins until all of us ( Jordanians ) accept the fact that they are really Jordanians .

    Ana t3bt gadd ma 7kait , be enshalla every body understand what I want to say .

  28. 7’ayyo enta garet sho ana katabet? O ana kman mesh t3ebet grefet mn kol hal soolafeh, o hath elli 3endi, elli 3ajbo 3ajbo welli mesh 3ajbo shokran elo..

    Bas 3la fekra 7’ayyo and I study this, people tend to leave comments on what they disagree with just what you have seen here..Bas dayman arabs want to believe they are the majority..

    Shokran la tafa3lkom ma3ana o bnshoofko b7alaga jdeedeh mn msolsal “jalsat”

  29. thayagtooni (sorry but sel3 “samata dahran o nataqa kofran”)

  30. sel3: ditto

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