Posted by: Maioush | July 11, 2007

Our kids, how confused are they?

The more I look at Arab kids growing up around me, the more I realize the problem… their language problem!!As long as they are home, everybody around them speaks Arabic, very nice, it’s really cool that we want our kids to learn our language; I like it, and if I’m a mother I want to make sure that my kids speaks my mother language.

Looking at those kids stars going to school makes me feel really sorry for them, they don’t understand anybody around, it’s totally different language, they have no way to communicate with other people but their parents.

A friend of mine her kid started going to school recently, we thought that she will be able pick up the language like all the kids do, but instead the kid went into a total silent for a while now, before going to school she used to repeat some of the words after us, but now all she does is nod, all the teachers told the mom that she will be fine within a month, but most likely the girl won’t speak Arabic anymore, and they were right! She understands the language whenever you talk to her, but she doesn’t respond back in Arabic, bottom line the girl is like 99% of the kids who were born in the states…

My brother went through the same experience few years ago, and he also ended up the same way, and now he really finds it hard to understand us sometimes when we soeak to him, I personally find it easier to speak in English just to get him do the things I’m asking him for…

Most parents thinks about that a lot, they even travel back home for a year or two to teach their kids how to speak Arabic again!!!

Is their any way to solve this issue or even make easier for the parents? I really don’t know, probably I’ll worry about it when I have my own kids🙂


  1. I have a relative is the states who understands Arabic perfectly but only knows how to say curse words and other obscenities. LooL

  2. My advisor whose parents are first generation immigrants in the states(originally from Syria) speaks English perfectly, though she has never ever been to the Arab world until she (in her mid twenties) got married to her husband, who is now here with her. Anyways, it does’nt stop there. She is extremely prund of her heritage and Arabic language that now her daughters speak it perfectly. Her oldest daughter (going to one of the best ranked women’s collages here next Fall), who has never lived in the Arab world before writes Arabic poetry that she publishes in a bilingual journal. My point is that it will need time and effort from the parents, and since some people manage to teach their children both, it is not an impossible task

  3. All she does is nude!!??

    Ikhs 3ala banat el 3arab in the west!

  4. It just requires harder work from the parents … and the parents must make Arabic a nice experience for their kids … otherwise they will hate it !!!

    and i DO believe that kids can learn a 2nd or 3rd language later … i am an example myself … raised in Saudi Arabia and Jordan … no International schools … and i use english even better than arabic sometimes … my accent needs a little bit more work … especially after all this exposure to Indians and Phillipinos here in work … dey can make ur lipe mizravle😦

  5. KJ:
    LOOOOOOOOOOL I guess it easy for them to learn🙂

    WOW .. that’s amazing, I guess it takes hard work and commitment with the kids to be able to speak both languages perfectly like that …

    GOD!!! I meant NOD …. I hate that stupid automatic correct thing in word sometimes!!! Sorry about that ..😳

    I hear ya broder LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  6. this is why im going to jordan…*insert mad face*
    I am not so worried about …when i first came to canada i was 10 and all the arab kids around me would not speak in arabic with me…gosh how much i hate them! they were not trying to be mean..they were just not comfortable speaking arabic even though they understood…but i still hated them! now that we are all old an ancient all those kids that would not speak in arabic talk perfect arabic….i remember their parents speaking to them in english alot…but still now they all speak arabic and all are very patriotic and proud of being arabs…this is why iam not really concerned with my kids language..they understand arabic perfectly…and can say some words when they feel like it…and I am sure they will eventually start speaking it as long as it the language they hear at home…but tell that to hubby..he is the language expert of course *rolling eyes*
    of course frequent trips to the arab world really helps..and now everyone has arabic tv, exept damn arabic cartoons suck! that fos7a is like a totally different language..why o why dont they have them in normal dialacts? ok i guess i’ve said enough eh? my comment is taking up the whole page now..:)

  7. this year, i will be sending my son to some sort of arabic school at the mosque on sunday to teach him arabic and some about islam…dunno how it will work, but i hope for the best and will let u know how it will turn to be…
    yeah it is tough to teach them arabic here…my son does understand most of the time when we speak to him in arabic, but he responds in english which is easier for him, but he is EAGER to learn arabic now…

  8. When we bring up our child to be a useful spiritual human being, when the family is united, it would be much easier to train our children on whatever goal we have….

    Family is the key.

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