Posted by: Who-sane | July 16, 2007

Jordan News Inundates Regional Press

I picked up the bad habit of quickly going through than 8 newspapers a day, before I even begin my working day. What astonished me today is that Jordan was in almost every single page of all the newspapers I read. There were so many articles and stories about Jordan I thought I was reading a Jordanian Daily!

Here are the online links for condensed list of the articles I came across just today:

I’m not complaining here of course, au contraire, it’s good seeing lots of news from Jordan in the regional press.

Perhaps it’s Jordanian PR at its best.
Perhaps it’s just increased regional interest for no special reason.
Perhaps its the lack of news during the summer whereas Jordan has lots of it.
Perhaps it has to do with Petra becoming a new world wonder.
I don’t know.


  1. or because we are the latest terrorist hot story maybe ??!!
    (yeah i know its unrelated but after reading that series of question i couldn’t help my self)

  2. I think it is because many reporters reside in amman to cover iraq, I notice that here in the US, lots of reporters report from amman..Anyway I think it is good and bad at the same time, when I first came here when I said I was from jordan they always say:Georgia?
    Now When I say jordan they say:Hmmmm..

  3. bambam: yes, it could be, but they know we’re pro-American, so they’ll take it easy on us😉

    mohanned: you’re right, when my parents and I used to travel, people would ask us where we’re from and we’d say Jordan, they’d be like “where the hell is that?” then we’d say it’s King Hussein’s Kingdom and that’s how they would know it.

  4. That is really nice ( most of the time ) to be talked about everywhere. I expect great future to my beloved Jordan.

    off the topic- I was laughing when I read the first topic about ” 7’a97’a9et el athaar” , this makes me not wondering if one day I heared that they want to ” y7’97’9o” el sha3b because that is the only thing left in Jordan without 7’a97’a9a :)…God Bless Jordan

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