Posted by: Who-sane | July 17, 2007

7 More Years of Glory for Syria!

WOW! What a great man he is!

I mean any president who gets reelected with a 97% votes is a great man indeed, loved by 97% of the entire population!


King President Bashar Al Assad was  sworn into office today for another 7-year term after he secured more than 97% of the total votes back in May, where he was the sole candidate. Not even Hosni Mubarak managed to get this kind of love from his people: Mubarak only scored 88% of the votes in 2005.

Right now I’m getting flashbacks of the famous ’wallah la af3askom fa3is’ gesture late Hafiz Al Assad used to do with both his hands whenever he appeared in public.


Congratulations Your Royal Majesty Mr. Bashar Al Assad for another smashing success! And here’s to democracy in the Middle East!

But I wonder though, and I hope someone can answer me …. if he’s the sole candidate where the hell did the remainder 3% go?


  1. Dude,
    Me and you are from now on prohibited from entering syria, or we will face what 250 jordanians faced..Some of them have been imprioned for 30 years..
    Israel was more humane than our “brothers”..

  2. Am Lebanese and want to go back home one, long live the king..sorry,the president😉

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