Posted by: 7aki Fadi | July 18, 2007

Sorry because you stepped on my foot

I love Canadians. Why? Here is a great example:

Yesterday I was waiting to get on the subway, the subway stopped so I stepped back to let somebody out before getting on and I accidentally stepped on someones foot so she said: “Sorry , I was standing too close to you”.

Now, where in any country in the world do you step on someones foot and they would appologize to you? you gotta love Canada.

I can picture this happeneing in Amman :

A guy steps on another guys foot.

The steppee: Shu had, a3ma inta? ma tfatte7.

The stepper : ana asef ya akh.

The steppee: asif? min wain asrefha ana hadi asif. lesh ma btitalla3 2oddamak willa warak

The stepper: la 7awala wala quatta illa billah, ya zalameh ma ana 2olet asef

The steppee: tab lesh 3am bitsarekh, ya3ni da3aset 3ala ijry w 3am bitsarekh kaman?

The stepper: ya zalameh sally 3ala ilnabi, ana ma sarrakhet 3aliak, ya fatta7 ya 3aleem 3ala hal sobo7.

The steppee: lyakoon mish 3ajbak, 7ases inno mish 3ajbak ya3ni

The stepper: bti3raf, 2ah, mish 3ajibny. ana mish 2asef, roo7 ballet ilba7ar.

The steppee: tab lesh 3am bitseb.

The stepper: walak inta kinnak 7maaaaaaar. ana ma sabbait.

The setpee: Ibtid3as 3ala ijry w kaman bitseb 3alaieh.

The stepper: bti3raf, shikly kaman biddi ad3as 3ala rasak.

And then il toshe bitwalle3 .

LOL, no?


  1. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.. that is exactly what happens in Jordan.. looool. la ykooon sar ma3ik haik once in Jordan??? hehehehe
    Well you reminded me of an incident that happened with my brother… ya 7aram, one day he was getting off a public bus in Jordan, and just at the moment he set one foot on ground the other on the way, the bus driver moved the bus a bit forward, so elmiskeen my bro fell.. and imagine an old man in the bus shouted, ” minshan elmarra eljayeh tintabeh.. 3ama inshalla,” imagine???? min wain bido yejeeei el7is we elzou2,, that was in staed of saying “Allah w esmallah”.. anyways, ever since, thi first time i felt veryy sorry for him, but later on, whenever i remember that incident I laugh till my tears fall down.. hehehehe

  2. may be the lady was an Arab and she was being sarcastic!

  3. Hey 7aki,
    If you were in jordan and you stepped on a guy’s foot he will be like:
    Amoot fa3e9 ana😀
    If it was the other way around it would be :
    3ama ye3meek sho we2e7😀

    A7′ jordan sho enha 6age3

  4. looooooooooooo @ Muhanned…..”Amoot fa3e9 ana” loooooool… that expression is hilarious.. hehehehehe

  5. too true🙂

  6. one more reason for not taking canadians seriously🙂

    Take this for another reason🙂 This is a present for ya , HA3🙂

  7. and for some reason … it didnt work😦 but here it is anyway:\

  8. LOL 7aki, good one there! and the imaginary scenario is so true! people there are so polite, we should learn something from them

  9. LOOOOOOOOOOOL wal eshi .. jad ta7sheesh , 7aseat 7ali 3end mawqef el jam3a ayam zman 3ala hal mawqef😀
    walahi da7akteeni … don’t you love amman and ammanies🙂 LOOOOL

  10. secratea : Shufti ballah, maskeen akhooky but hahahahahah

    mohanned : HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA …. OMG ….. I can’t stop laughing, amoot fa3e9 … HAHAHAHA … man this is too funny … LOL … kinnak inta konet haik t2ool … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … just kidding🙂


    Isam: Well more like Canada is Americas head🙂 as in the brains :p

    whosane: Maybe it’s the heat that makes Jordanians on edge?

    Maioush: You gotta loooooooove Amman, endless source of entertainment!

  11. globalorama: lol, that is a possibilty . Arabs are the kings of sarcasm.

  12. LMAO

    Yes yes very true! I stepped on a Jordanian foot here in the UAE. 3el2o el Sooriyyeh wel 2ordoniyyeh!

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