Posted by: mohanned | July 19, 2007

Senior citizens!


This thing ranks first in what pisses me off here in the US of A.Well ,close you eyes and imagine this; it’s not rush hour, you try to avoid going out between 6 to 9 Am and between 4-6 PM, but yet you get stuck in traffic.

You ask yourself: is there an accident?

I answer myslef: No, I hear no sirens.

I look around and see everybody hitting on their steering wheel, I am not a steering wheel-hitter, so I curse for 10 seconds, light up a cigarrete, then make some phone calls.

I have always wondered what causes traffic jams; you have 4 lanes at least, if each and every Mofo stayed on his lane and moved his trunk there would be no jams!

So after 20 minutes or so, things start to clear up, so me the curious Mohanned I want to know what caused the jam, I speed up a little bit, look  right and there you got it:

A 90 years old lady with her body stuck to the steering wheel, she is less than 5 Cm away from the front window Glass, riding a turtle! If you didn’t figure it out, the jam was caused because people tried to pass around her since she was moving at 10MPH pace!!

Don’t get me wrong, Old people must be respected, BUT they must not drive, when you get to the point where getting into the car takes more time than the trip itself you must understand that it is time to RELAX.

Two months ago a cousin of mine parked his van and went to buy something from Home Depot, he comes back and guess what? A 90 year old Lady hit his van out of no where, we tried to figure out how she hit him but we couldn’t, it was a wierd acciedent! Another story which ran on the TV not long ago also showed a senior citizen almost killing a cashier in a gas station; some how he or she mistakingly hit the gas instead of the brake and went litrally inside the gas station..

Anyway to make the long short, Senior citizens driving SUCKS BIG TIME!

Note: This by no way is meant to disrespect the old.


  1. I closed my eyes at the beginning, but couldn’t read.

    I am totally with you. older people should just find a Cafe and spend the day playing “6awlit zahr.” a few years back, this 80 something in Los Angeles drove his car through a crowd killing 10 people. but, today in the news, a study found out that older drivers are safer than “twenteens”drivers. they’re slow but safe.

  2. Walahi jeet 3ala el waja3 ya Mohannad!!!
    As for us in LA add to those senior citizens the Chinese ones (no offense) but really these 2 categories are causing sooooooooo much traffic!!!
    I drive about 80miles a day, I hit the traffic EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Can you believe that?? 5 or more lanes in the freeway and the traffic is still BAD (betla2i wa7ad chinesy wella wa7ad 3omro 100 saneh b awal el taree2)

  3. You are damn right , if I am a police officer I would do the following :
    1- Revoke driver license from everyone over 55 years old ( say he was drunk , smoking weed , calling Bin laden’s phone …) any thing that may be enough cause to revoke his DL
    2- Stop every Chinese and slap him on the face 10 times so he/she wake up and use that thing in his head so called “brain”, I never saw dummy people like them ” when it comes to driving and talking”

    3- Require everybody to get a new DL from JORDAN ( and here i mean the 7th circle , not gafgfa and el 3’oor where u can have the DL without going to the test🙂 )

    4- Charge any such one who drives lower than 60 on the H.ways for 1000$ ( 3’air gaaabel lel tfaaawod )

    wa domtom.

  4. Falaafel, you are an Urdani police officer? Oh my, what an opportunity! WHY DON’T YOU GUYS GIVE OUT TICKETS?? This makes me crazy,we have good rules, but NO enforcement. They should give you guys a commission for every ticket you issue. I esp. like #3, I swear people get their licenses from gumball machines.

  5. You can’t imagine how horrible it is to revoke a driver’s licence from an elderly citizen in the US. Many of them live on their own and driving is the only way for them to get grocery or even go to do volunteer work or send a mail. If they can’t drive they end up in nursing homes. There should a reason much better than driving slowly.

    Are they dangerous? The answer is both yes and no.
    The elderly citizens cause the most accidents per mile of what they drive, but they cause the least accidents totally because a very small percentage of them drives. So you can look at this data the way you want.

  6. I was going to post the same thing hareega just said. We come from a world where you actually appreciate the things your parents do for you and you take care of them in their old age when they can no longer do everything. Even if you don’t, you do it out of obligation, culture, etc.
    In the States, children don’t take care of their parents the same because THATS the norm here. They are simply following in their parents footsteps as well – they see what their parents did with their grandparents and the cycle simply continues.
    Some elderly are fortunate enough to be able to hire people to do those kinds of things for them, or even life in an assisted living place where they don’t have to worry about running errands, etc. Others are not so lucky and have to brave these things themselves.
    True, they do pose a real hazard (and annoyance!) when driving in this manner but when you’re old and your eyesight and reflexes aren’t as good as they used to be, maybe this is the only way they dare.
    Its a different world than back home. Elderly parents and grandparents are left to fend for themselves, while children are off doing their own thing. Sure, it may piss you off now, but I’m sure you’ll be singing a different tune 40 or 50 years down the line when you’re the one driving at 10mph😀

  7. Global,
    Khafeef dam sayer m3 ro7et mexico😀

    If I were you I would kill myself, I can’t bare with traffic, it is my worst nightmare..

    Falafel & kinzi,
    I got mine from a vending machine😛

    Hareega and tinker,
    I understand what you are saying, but I know for a fact that most of the townships and cities provide senior citizens with a driving service..
    But GOD they are annoying!! And don’t worry about me, in 50 years I will have my own shoufer😛 Just kidding.

  8. it is a debate and none of the states is willing to revoce the DL from seniors….though they cause alot of accidents, but as others said b4, this is the only way for them to get their errands done…do u want them to rotten in home and there is absolutely NOOne to take of them…
    beside it is not their fault for traffic jams…some young ppl r simply busy with their cellphones and causing traffic jams too….so i would revoke their DL too….
    JayLeno always made fun of them…but hey, they can always use the right lane…beside i figured i can always use the local roads to get me where i want without having to use the Hway…so do the same…dunno if u can do that where u live, thank god i can here…so keep it up and chill out….
    peace to all…

  9. unbelievable you could try this out

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