Posted by: Ammar | July 21, 2007

A Stroll in Amman “via YouTube” I want some Shawerma to go with that drive! hmm.


  1. Amman o bas.. Beatiful, thanks for sharing man..

  2. Cool, that was a nice drive!!
    Looks like I’ve been away for a while, I didn’t recognize some of the places, and there are a lot of new buildings…
    I wanna go there ;’(

  3. Thank you for the video, i will visiting jordan this coming sep. can someone tell me more about jordan or how women live there. what is the appropriate clothes for women to wear in public.

    thank you in advance

  4. Cathrina, Welcome in advance..Here is some tips that I got from the Web..

    Jordan is generally a safe place to visit, and the crime rate in the country remains low, especially when compared to Western crime rates. Amman, unlike other big cities, is safe at any time of the day or night. Still, travelers should exercise caution in unfamiliar surroundings. In addition, it is always best to place valuables in the hotel safe, rather than keeping them in your room.

    Jordan receives a fair share of women travelers, and locals are now used to seeing women traveling alone. As in any Muslim country, however, women traveling alone should be aware of a few important rules. It is always best to wear conservative dress in Jordan, especially when traveling outside of Amman and to isolated towns. Women should wear clothes that cover their shoulders and either pants or skirts that come down at least to the knees. Some women go to the extent of covering their hair when they visit the country, but such extremes are unnecessary, and sometimes even frowned upon in Jordan. Locals often wonder why non-Muslim women would cover their hair in their tolerant nation.

  5. Why isn’t this playing the tunes of Omar Abdallat or haboobel shimali or something like that!?

  6. Muhannad, you’re welcome ya sidi!

    Maioush..yeah I was actually wondering what that big building near the end was..I don’t recognize it!!

    Cathrina, I agree with Muhannad up there, Jordan is a modern country, you’ve got your conservative areas..and your liberal areas, Amman is mainly liberal, you dont have to cover your head anywhere in Jordan, the best advice is to dress casually. well you have to ask the dude who shot it..I actually thought the music added something to the show..omar abdallat might have had a prior engagement..GOOD! and it might have been taken out of the season for haboobal looks like summer time!

  7. wonder why the camera is so zoomed in !! i cant follow the pictures they’re too close they gave me a headache !!! car strolls must be shot straight forward with max. 5 degrees span to right or left … i got Um othayna then i was lost from Radioshack until Abdoun Jeser … where is this Radioshack ??

  8. I did not recognize half of the places. Who am I kidding, none of them.

    And the song… lol … did you listen to the lyrics? 7ashashet wallah…hehehehe. ma khasha bi Amman or anything really..7assait 7ali touring Amman in a cab with an az3ar cool cabby in it with a CD hanging from the rear view

  9. WOW!! I thought I knew Amman like the back of my hand and I so did not recognize most of that!! Landscape really has changed dramatically in the last few years. The Abdoun bridge looks nice tho… can’t wait to go home and see it. Thanks Ammar for that bit of nostalgia!

  10. I loved this piece of video, but I gotta ask since I’ve sat in Amman traffic…how many hours of footage did it take to get three minutes of actual driving? 🙂

    Damn, I miss that little ole’ town!

  11. ya alh .. i like jordan and i want vist amman . but i can do that . im really sad =(

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