Posted by: Who-sane | July 25, 2007

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

‘Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum’ is a very interesting Latin phrase attributed to Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus who was one of Ancient Rome’s statesmen and the father-in-law of Julius Caesar.

In English, the phrase translates to “let justice be done, though the heavens may fall”. The maxim signifies the belief that justice must be realized even if the powerful are brought low and the foundations of the state are shaken.

In Libya, however, things are a bit different. The motto of the Libyan government these days is “let justice be done, unless you get a good deal!”.

Question: How can a death-by-hanging sentence be reduced to a life-in-prison sentence and then to a not-even-a-one-day-in-prison sentence?
Answer: Money of course!

Question: So how much exactly does an Arab child’s life cost these days?
Answer: 1 million dollars exactly.

But 56 of the Libyan children have died already and more are expected to die in the next few years. So can a million dollars really make one forget the torment and suffering of losing one’s own child?

The keenness of the Bulgarian government and the whole European Union to cooperate suggests that the nurses and the doctor are in fact guilty as charged, but the promptness in exonerating them suggests otherwise, very contradicting if you ask me.

Yes, you may argue that it’s been done for the sake of those poor children, to improve their medical conditions, to enhance their families’ lifestyles and more significantly, enhancing Libya’s medical facilities and its relations with the EU … and I cannot disagree with that.

BUT … answer this please

The what-if scenario that suggests itself here is:

What if the roles were exchanged? What if it were an Arab bunch of medics who injected 460 American kids with the HIV virus?


  1. maybe world war 3

  2. I heard this news the other day it is shameful. considering the Lockerbie incident.
    Libya should demand fair treatment, the world gave Libya a hard time about Lockerbie, Libya should demand the same.

    i get so angry over this

  3. Sabagtni, I was about to write regarding this case. This is outrageous not because they are arabs, because they are KIDS, but hey what is an arab kid life worth? Not that much..

  4. when i first read the header i said fiat …hmmm nice car then when I continued reading it was amazing..
    okay I ll answer ur question but i ll add a comment deal?

    well here is the senario:
    1. Bush would come out and say that al qaeda is behind this vicious attacks.

    2.John Ashkroft would come out with a nice list of people that consists only from two names ur first name and fathers name .

    3. due to ashkroft great contribution a lot of people would get detained for a wrong reason.

    4.then USA 7ayseebha 7awal mo2aqat and start saying that the egyptian regym has links to alqaeda and has weopns of mass distruction of HIV needels(ebar).(although they know dam well al qaeda is in pakistan and afghanistan).

    5.they ll review there medics intership and ban all medical staff from workin in usa if they r from middle east origins.

    6. Egypt would be invaded to free it from tirans.

    7.they ll found suprizingly that the number of Aqba6 and shee3a in egypt is more like than 80% so they would devide into three countries with american egyptian guys to come and rule the country.

    8.they ll start to make a law about canal swais that would steal the money from the egyptian people.

    9.GW Bush would appear on a space ship (just for a change in the scene) and say Mission accomplished.

    10. Sectarian violence would irrupt in egypt wel dam lal rokab .

    11.Egyptian football team would reach world cup soccer final and as a celebration for that they ll bomb people in the street for celebrating that.

    now that was my answer sorry for being long but u let free my imagination:P

    now my comment:

    well I think the issue is not about those nurses its a filthy political game the same incident happened in almost same timing od lockerby so it seems libya was bargining. plus there is a lot of libyans involved in the case that has been removed from this trial so I dont trust the lybian court the same as i dont trust the lockerby court!!!!.

    now my openion what really happened some corrupt guy imported this bad blood from UK and Italy(btw there was a documentary about poisoned blood been exported it was on aljazeera i think).

    and the lybian regym exploited the chance just to make a good bargain with EU and USA thats my humble opinion and those nurses and doctor are only part of the chess game that happned

  5. proud arab: perhaps.

    wonders: in 2002, the Libyan government and the families of the 270 victims of the Lockerbie case reached a settlement of 2.7 BILLION DOLLARS (10 million per deceased), in a trial which went for more than 15 years, whereas it was only 1 million dollars per Libyan CHILD victim, in a trial which only took 8 years. So basically the life of a westerner is worth 10 times more than an Arab child. Simple math.

    Mohanned: sorry for the competition bro, but no one can really compete with the real ghrab el bain, I posted this because it really got on my nerves how unfairly Arabs are treated … check my math equation above.

    Tiger: Talk about getting carried away in a what-if scenario, lol! However, I really do agree with you that all-in-all, it was an excellent deal for Libya, especially considering that Bulgaria is not one of the strongest or wealthiest nations in Europe.

  6. as a proof for what I said earlier check out this link

  7. WOW, I never really thought the truth would come out so soon! I thought it’d take 40 or 50 years at least like the rest of the Middle Eastern history! Thanks for posting this nimro!

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