Posted by: wonders | July 31, 2007

Ehm Ehm… Why?

The other day i checked my mail and found an email from Who-sane, inviting me to arabexpacts (no need for a link, you are currently viewing that page), i was so happy about it. Yeeeeey!! 

So this is my first post here, i gave it some thought actually and decided to make a mess with my first post. I am not into politics and i will certainaly not go into religion, so the third most contrevertial thing would be Gender! 

From that moment of victory, (deciding to talk about something guys and girls will disagree about) i began another brainstorming session with (ummmm myself) but never mind, and got no where. So i dropped it and thought i’ll think about it later, that moment my phone rang and a friend of mine was on the line, the conversation went like this:

friend: hey wonders (not really, he used my real name), do u want to do something i am bored.

me: ok, what do u want to do?

friend: i don’t know may be we can have a bite or something

me: sounds good i am hungry how about this-very-far-away-place?

friend: ok, my brother took my car so come pick me up, but I am driving.

me: (clearing throat) ehm ehm… why?

friend: because if u are driving… we’ll never get there (so untrue!! don’t believe him)

me: another ehm ehm… why?

friend: because you are a girl… and girls can’t drive well or fast

me: over my dead body!!

tooot tooot tooot tooot (ok, that is not possible because it is a cell phone, i am just using it for sound effects so humor me)

I didn’t go out with him, not because he said that, but because that conversation never happened. I just made it up.. ehm ehm why? because i know  guys think girls can’t drive… and I want to ask:  ehm ehm why?

I should do something about that cough…


  1. Hey wonders! So glad to have you on board🙂

    ehm ehm .. let me see why we think women are bad drivers, got a couple of hours on your hand? lol

    well my reasons for thinking women are bad drivers, well maybe not bad, but not as good as men, are as follows:

    – Men drive more often than women and for longer periods.
    – Men start driving at very early ages, most between 15 to 18.
    – Women are ignorant of the mechanics of vehicles.
    – Women freak out easier, causing hazardous reflexes.
    – In addition of course to the other scientific reasons.

    and even when they’re not the drivers, they’re still the reason behind 90% of accidents, although I think that’s exaggeration.

    But let me ask YOU, don’t YOU feel safer if a man is driving the car rather than a woman?

  2. Thanks whosane🙂 and sa7a sa7a

    -not all of them
    -not true
    and to answer your last question NO🙂
    but i loved your argument!

    in my experience here in Dubai, men are worse considering the majority of taxi drivers, they are men too. come to think of it in Amman too..

  3. i dont know why women ask men if they are bad drivers … they should ask themselves😉

    i actually dont have an explanation for it … but i truely think that women are worst drivers IN HARD SITUATIONS … like parallel parking and tight spaces … add to it that most of them are really slow … other than that they are like all drivers …

    tell ya the truth i think 90 % of drivers are bad drivers …

  4. so I get a no no for all the reasons I listed? 😦

    I do agree with Isam though, women can’t handle tough situations and that’s what gets them in trouble🙂

  5. Ay Double Akh Marzoug would have said.

    Awaln: welcome to the club.

    B: I always love it when a girl drives me around! litterally..not just mentally..the latter happens more often though😀

    and JEEM: there is no jeem!

  6. Welcome aboard wonders🙂 another girl in the team, that’s cool🙂 and LOOOOOOOL at your way of writing, girl you are funny🙂
    Now Isam and Who-Sane:
    What did you guys say about women driving??? They are what? Bad? Who said we are slow? How said we can’t handle tough situations? And yeah who said we can’t park in small spaces?? I totally disagree with you guys, come on, give me a break🙂

  7. Women aren’t bad drivers, they are just more careful than men. they tend to be little more sensitive and courteous than men when they drive slowly and let people pas them without getting mad. Now, men are more likely to show of their driving skills, or the lack of them, by speeding, try to park in the tiniest spaces, even though there is more space just two cars over, or try to “shabi7” by driving with one hand on the wheel and the other out the window. I have been to traffic courts numerous times. the vast majority of violators are males!

  8. Welcome aboard😀 lol

    I will give you two reasons why guys think girls don’t know how to drive.

    Reason A (typical male reason): double parkings, no no at parallel parking, accidents, other uses for mirrors, a lot of other things.

    Reason B (psychology and biology): The female brain functions such that it can process several things at the same time. For example, women can be talking about one thing and then flip to another conversation without noticing, then tying it with something else in real life, while they are talking on the cell phone, watching TV and doing their nails. A man would have seizures if he attempts this. A man’s mind is focused on one thing at a time, and to do more than one thing is a consuming effort and not efficient.

    Therefore, men are more FOCUSED on driving whereas women think about a lot of different things, therefore less focused on the road. Hence Reasons A happen

  9. +Isam, actually i am just asking why you think that i am not agreeing that we are🙂
    and i am not agreeing with what you said either, tight spaces? huh!🙂

    +whosane😀 lol, well if that’s the case i will say that these bad situations u r talking about were probably created by men! you violate the rules and we are forced to deal with it.. the usual🙂

    + thanks Ammar! see, we’re just good drivers.. ummm mentally and litterally🙂

    +Maioush thank you girl🙂 no more being called bad drivers!!

    +globalorama, very well said thank you! Lol @ “men are more likely to show of their driving skills, or the lack of them…”

    +Thanks KJ but no no back at ya🙂 on the contrary my friend multi tasking is useful, this way i am driving straight, checking the mirrors and cursing the slow MALE driver infront of me. see multi tasking!

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