Posted by: Who-sane | August 2, 2007

ATV Under Pressure by Government

As a Jordanian expatriate, I was particularly looking forward to the much-awaited launch of ATV, scheduled yesterday, Wednesday the 1st of August 2007.

But the expected kick-off never came on. I thought it was some technical problems at the beginning, but how can you go wrong for something you’ve been working on for over 2 years? So I decided to call a close relative of mine who works at the station but he never answered, perhaps busy, surprised, ashamed?

This morning I read the news that, in a last-minute step, the Audiovisual Commission, a government commission in charge of radio and TV licensing, decided to suspend the airing of ATV.

So I decided to try again with my cousin, who picked up this time. He explained that they’ve been pressured by the Commission before they even announced the date of their launch. He attributed it to the some-what controversial and sensitive issues ATV promised to touch upon, which had lead to some problems, and that the Commission’s intentions are really to hand-pick programs and content.

Here‘s a sarcastic and funny comment on the black-iris post:

ألو، مهند الخطيب؟
أنا فلان بحكي معاك من هيئة المسموع، إحنا الحكومة، إحنا تبعين الستلايتات وهل القصص.
أول إشي مبروك القناة، بس شو قصة انكو الأربعاء راح تطلعو؟ والله يا سيدي ما ظنيتلك لانو في وراق ناقصة في معاملتكو بدها كم توقيع و طوابع، فالله يرضى عليك و قفولي البث و تعالو زبطو المعاملة

The same source confirmed that ATV’s broadcasting will continue next week after the submitting the so-called “paperwork”.


  1. don’t believe the hype. the head of ATV’s in-laws are royalty. the manager of ATV, muhannad Khatib, is the son of the sulta from all sides.

    not one program on ATV can be considered anti-establishment. the most critical show is Al-Wakeel’s show, a guy who has immunity and protection given to him by the highest authorities.

    the story is that ATV is not ready so they concocted a story with the audiovisual commission to placate very angry Kuwaiti investors about why ATV is not ready yet months after it was suppose to be on the air.

    Al-Ghad newspaper, who peddled this bogus story is run by the same guy who runs the channel.

    don’t be a sucker.

  2. I watched it this morning… basically watched trailors of the shows they will be showing…

    i haven’t formed an opinion on them but i am really excited to see it work.

  3. Kharabsheh: I am not rushing to believe any sort of “hype” here, which is the main reason why I called a senior reporter in ATV and stated it here as is.

    What I don’t understand from your comment is why would ATV announce they’ll be airing on the 1st of August if they’re not ready? Your whole theory doesn’t really make any sense.

    I also don’t believe it’s a PR stunt at all, as your theory suggests, simply because the whole incident is nothing but negative PR, and that’s the last thing a TV channel wants pre-launch.

    If a channel is being restricted before its launch, what would viewers expect post-launch?

    Wonders: I too can’t wait till they submit their paperwork (LOL). I’d really like to see what difference are they going to bring to the Jordanian media scene.

  4. who Sane although its a pure jordanian issue and I dont like to comment on it but there is somehow logic in what kharbsheh says…ya3nee law bedhom yemn3oohaa kanoo mana3ooha bel asas o 3adee makan 7ada fata7 temoo be kelmeh fehemet 3alay shreek.? jordan is like any other arab country in democracy or freedom of speech so the last the goverment to do is to even give justifications for their acts:)

    see man from what i noticed somehow its nice to have a freedom of press and TV but real freedom is the issue not illusions. Now what the goverment has done is that it made a really nice add for this TV and am finding it every where in blogsphere. from my openion is was a favour and intentional move so that now ATV is the peoples voice that is really honest …if its really honest it would be banned from working dear and if they want to give a reason is very simple they would say this TV channel threatens our national security and then everyone would shut up:)

    welcome to arab culture where if GW Bush was arabian he would have support of 90% of the people not 20% like whats he is facing in USA right now

  5. It’s all very arcane. But you can take a look at some of their programming now online on

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