Posted by: Ammar | August 8, 2007

A Haphazard Post On a Not So Haphazad Deal

In Jordan, the IAF is claiming fraud in the recent municipal elections, their protest is based on their claim that the military -which have all the right to vote- were ordered to vote against the IAF candidates, something I see extremely offensive in the case of it being either true or false, for the simple reason being that the military is an ultra-local politics institution, their role has never been to side with one party or the other, their role has been, and should continue to be the protector of the Constitution, they should never be drawn into any political quarrel between any two sides, certainly not one between a government and a political party.

Political wisdom is what characterized Jordan throughout its history, a country which despite the political turmoils around, has managed to survive, as one stable unit, but throughout, the relationship between the government and the Muslim brotherhood was cordial to say the least, simply because the idea of banning their activities would make them more popular, their overt existence would basically relieve the political system from an underground movement similar to those in other surrounding countries. And again, political wisdom saw the influence religion has on people, and that a political system which legitimacy is based on the direct lineage to the prophet would never ban a political party bearing the title of Islam, provided their activity is coherent with the diversity of the society, both religiously and socially.

I’m bringing back the example of the late King Hussein, when he was put in the position of suspending all political activities in the aftermath of the coup attempt in 1957, as despite the banning of political parties, the Muslim brotherhood kept working through its social arm, under the eyes and ears of the government, and their leaders were close to the various symbols of authority, they spoke with wisdom, and they heard wisdom in return, both sides shared the common goal of a better Jordan, no personal interest was more important than that of the survival of the country and the welfare of its people.

Now, I have a problem with the political wisdom of the IAF; their amateur conduct in the political arena made them less popular, despite the general feeling of sympathy ordinary Jordanians have for the Muslim brotherhood, again because of its close proximity to the general public in the social sense. Their secretary general is a hawkish persona from what I’ve seen and heard, his sharp criticism of the government is a sign of limelight/popularity seeking weakness in the simple diagnosis, the elders of the movement never used the kind of rhetoric this man uses whenever he speaks of the government, there was always a line not to be crossed, this line has unfortunately been severed.

On the other side, the political wisdom of the government might have failed to reach the expected maturity in dealing with such a hawkish leadership. As the government is just that..a government, it has the underlying responsibility to play the role of the adult or the parent to all citizens, I’m not trying to suggest the cliche idea of the immature people vs the mature authority, but people usually expect the role of a parent from the authority, even if that feeling is subliminal and denied, keeping in mind the general perception of the virtue of whomever stands against authority.

Political wisdom dictates rational conduct in the relationship between the government and the IAF, The historical examples of how the late King Hussein brought people who in many cases conspired against him, and the way he reasoned with them..face to face, are examples of the use of the adult/rational parent to all citizens type of conduct. Even troublesome teenagers should be tolerated and dealt with in a rational manner, or else they’d rebel and cause more headaches to the whole household.


  1. what’s up with the controversial IAF? I don’t understand why the government is still being so nice to them!

  2. who-sane,
    I know what you mean, but in reality matter how idealistic we claim to connected to gains and losses, the both the government and the IAF have losses that are being tossed to the other side!

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