Posted by: Who-sane | August 12, 2007

Reaping the Fruits of Labor

So much has been said and done before, during and after the recent pronouncing of Petra as a new wonder of the world. It’s been a little over a month now since Jordanians and other nations were skeptical as to whether the new attribute Petra has assumed would actually result in more tourists and more revenues, especially considering all the controversy surrounding the legitimacy of the competition.


So what did all that result in? Could it be that Jordan has already started reaping the fruits of its labor so soon? Apparently yes.

In 2006 Petra received 359,000 tourists, whereas the same number of tourists, 350,000 was achieved in the first half of 2007 alone. The announcement also revealed that in July alone, more than 36,000 people have visited Petra, according to a recent announcement.

In another article, hospitality executives working in Petra-based hotels, states that occupancy rates in of their hotels reached a 100% for the next few months.

Jordanian efforts to enhance Petra’s rank amongst other global tourist destination have gone beyond the traditional marketing means, as a blog dedicated to Petra has been newly launched on behalf of the Jordan Tourism Board, by the Brighter Group, a UK-based marketing communications company specializing in travel, tourism, and hospitality.

So far it’s looking good for Petra and the best is yet to come. Hooray for Petra, again!


  1. Go Petra go!

  2. Some certain people do not believe that Petra should be a wonder of the world. Because it is in an Arab country.

    I think it is all BS. Our Arab lands are so full of wonders I don’t understand how these skeptics think. Jerusalem alone weighs much more than all other universal wonders combined

  3. haha to the nay-sayers. May Petra survive her success.

    My kids even voted for Petra. We broke our rule about waiting until 12 years to have an email address when their school gave them all yahoo addresses so they could vote (even before they could spell!)

  4. nice, but the amount of money spent on travels and hotels for the tourism officials during the campaign would have been used much better if they were used in launching media campaigns worldwide to market petra as a new world wonder, a website..a blog isn’t that “world wondery”!

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