Posted by: qwaider | August 14, 2007

Jordan – Shawirma = ??

It’s sad what has come to pass as a new law. Well, Shawirma is officially banned!

This really sucks! I was waiting and holding for the day I would go to Jordan, and have a Dirty Shawirma . (Shawirma can either be Clean OR Delicious) You can’t have the two!

Bring back Shawirma! In the name of the deprived expats, BRING BACK OUR SHAWIRMA


  1. i knooooooooooow!!! 3an jad, for the love of god, we want the shawerma back… that was the first thing i wanted to do in amman, i even asked my family to bring it to the airport… BEDNA SHAWERMAAAAAAAAA…

  2. They banned WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the love of God, in Syria, shawerma is a primary tourist attraction!

  3. thats why syria is in the axis of evil

  4. GREAT! Now we got us another ghrab el bain!

  5. Blasphemy! Why oh whyyyyyyyy. This is a sad day for me.

    Lets start a petition. Lets call it , bring the shawerma back!

  6. th14 – if shawerma makes it in the axis of evil, then so be it! You just CAN’T take shawerma (or falafel) away!

  7. oh no!!!!!!!!!!! this can’t be happening!!!!!!!!
    Typical though… people get food poisoning and instead of forcing people to follow safety regulations regarding food (and actually enforcing them instead of turning a blind eye to ibn 3am a5o joz el wazeer and such), they decide to ban it instead.

  8. i was taking the p, kj

  9. No more shawerma??😥 wa3 wa3

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