Posted by: Ammar | August 18, 2007


So I was at work..and the receptionist rings me up and says someone is on the line and wants to talk to you, I pick up the phone and the following conversation takes place:

ME: Hello?

HIM: Yes name is so and so and I’d like the phone number of (a very VVIP in Jordan).

ME: umm…well I’m afraid I can’t help you with that one..but may I ask why you need their number?

HIM: yeah..well I’m a PROPHET..and I’d like to invite (the VVIP) to my new religion and discuss my role in bringing peace to the Middle East!

ME: “gobsmacked” umm..that’s very nice..are you serious?

HIM: yes I am..I actually have a book and a website, you can check it out and maybe consider converting, what’s your name?

ME: umm..My Name is Earl! “LMAO”

HIM: well Earl, please buy my book..bla bla, you can find it on my website..bla bla bla.

ME: aaaaaaaaaaaalrighty then..thanks for calling..b’bye now!

And for the first time in my life..I needed a cigarette, even though I don’t smoke!!


  1. LMAO at Earl.

    Ammar, but what’s the website? hehehehe.

  2. lol..well I actually didn’t write it down! I was too busy playing along!!😀

  3. هو يا خوك يا عمار تعطيني رقم تالفونو هاظ الزلمة الواصل كثير بالاردن, لانو ابن عمي قاعد بدور على وظيفة بعد سولافة الشاورما, لانو بلا قافية كان يشتغل على سيخ…

    New relegion? Thats the only thing we need right now..

  4. إحم..يعني ضروري الإحراج؟ فهمك كفاية يا مهند..لما نقول في في آي بي معناتها أهم واحد بالقعدة..ولو عندي الرقم كان زماااااااااان حكيت أنا

  5. LOL .. new religion?? 3an jad had elli kan dayel, bs 3afwan leash talabak enta mshan el raqam😀 ?? e7ki enno ma3ak el raqamo ma bedak ta3teeha yah😀

  6. LOL! very interesting, fee menhom kteer hadoul?

  7. LOL too much free time on his hands😕

  8. Yes yes we need new religions😀 This way we can finally appreciate ours!

  9. Looooool!! I can’t believe this🙂 but Ammar you got us all excited to read this new religion… next time he calls do write down the contact info..

    new religion huh!!

  10. Maioush,
    I do have it..oktobi 3indek..00 9626 trallala trallala.

    well if the saying rizg el hobol 3al majaneeen is true..then I’m sure fee minhom kteeeeeeer!

    The dude is a Prophet..its a full time job!

    Yep..there you go!

    will do..its not every day that you get a call from a prophet though!

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