Posted by: wonders | August 20, 2007

I betrayed my family and friends

Last night i did something that i am not so proud of, i betrayed everybody i know in Amman, my family and friends who love me and trust me. It even includes some of you guys…

I was raised on values that included sticking up to family, to my country. i don’t know what got into me, i couldn’t stop… once it happens you can do nothing about it. So please forgive me everyone…

I had Chicken Shawerma… lalala lalala

(Not another shawerma post..!!) After reading many posts yesterday on the shawerma dilema in Jordan, i couldn’t help myself! At dinner time me and my friend were starving, i don’t usually know what i want to eat, I just know I am hungry and i let my friends pick the place or the food, i don’t know why i do that🙂. But yesterday, i wanted shawerma. It wasn’t as good as in Amman but damn, it was delicious🙂 with french fries and pickles… yummy yummy!! good old days in my beloved Amman came flashing back. I miss it!

I am so mean!! :) 


  1. Hehehe😛 Well, once you cannot have something it suddenly bcomes harder to resist. I am thinking of having Shawerma as well😀

    People in Jordan: You stll have La7meh:\

  2. lol..good one, I actually had a couple of big chicken shawerma sandwiches from Maroush on the weekend and sms-ed my friends in amman during it to tease them😀

    its ironic though how you could eat shawerma anywhere in the world now except in Jordan! fi3lan el dinya akher waget!

    p.s: Hala I think the shawerma ban includes la7meh! shawerma is an illegal substance in all its forms

  3. great…now i want shawarma so looking forward to going back to canada:/ and eating shawarma…how ironic is that eh?

  4. LOL Wonders! Yeah let’s add salt to the Jordanians wounds, 7aram 3an jad I can’t imagine Jordanian without shawirma 3arabi.

  5. LOOOOOL!! ana olt absar sho 3amleh😀
    walahi we got used to make shawerma 3arabo at home, both la7meh ana jaj, we know how to make mayonez 3arabo too, it’s soooooooooooo god, eza bedkom el wasfeh ba7ki la mama o baktobelkom yaha eza bedkom🙂

  6. LMAO

    Wonders, since most of us are expats, most of us have access to shawerman😛 heh heh heh

    I just had a “shawerma 3arabi” yesterday!

  7. Hi guys,

    Sa7teen for everyone who had shawerma too, and hard luck for the shawermaless🙂

    KJ, the teasing goes to people living in Jordan, and i thought you’d all like to join. I got teased a lot for not having access to good Mansaf for example🙂 I’m sure that happened to a lot of us.

    I’m thinking of having Shawerma for lunch? anybody care to join!🙂

  8. We have a Lebanese restaurant in my building at work and I swear I have shawerma now more than I used too in Amman ,, yummmmmmmmmmmmm, and it’s better than Amman shawerma, yummmmmmm.

  9. that’s the spirit 7aki🙂 i never thought that being expated had food benefits.

    Yummy yummmy yummmmy

  10. chait

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