Posted by: Arab Expats | August 20, 2007

Updates on Arab Expats

When we started this a few months ago I had serious doubts it would go on for more than a month. My words to the other expats were “If it works it works, if it doesn’t, then we’ll call it a day, go back to our own blogs and act like nothing ever happened”.

Now I look at us and I know that it did work and I also know that it will continue to grow and become better. Little did we know that what only recently kicked off with 5 contributors now includes, what most of us would agree on, some of the best bloggers around here, whom, through their contributions, have certainly added a lot to the success of Arab Expats … and we take pride in keeping along the Pan-Arabism theme with our two recent additions: Amira, an Egyptian Expat and KJ, a Syrian Expat, in addition to Hala, a Palestinian expat in the U.S.

Some of our dear members have been missing in action lately: some were so busy moving to other countries, some have taken their summer vacations, perhaps others are lazy ‘bum-bums‘ and some are just very busy people. We wish them all the best of good luck in whatever that’s keeping them busy … but certainly the rest of the expats have been doing a great job in keeping our readers too busy to notice.

We’d also like to inform the readers that we’re still on a mission to hire more Arab expats. So if you think you got what it takes to become a contributor, kindly drop us an email on admin(at)thearabexpats(dot)com.

In addition to all that, we now, Thanks to Qwaider, have our new domain name: The previous address is still active, but feel free to update your blog rolls with our new address.

Finally, thanks to our members for their valuable contributions and to our readers for their continued support.

On behalf of Arab Expats


  1. good job! the arab expats is looking better and better…i will start posting soon..:o) i just have to come up with something arab expats worthy:)

  2. great stuff sam, take your time … we all know you’ve been busy with the moving and so …🙂

  3. yee, walahi i promise i’ll post something very soon .. i loe thid blog and i love the people, i’m so happy that i’m a part of this team🙂

  4. I really enjoy this blog, especially being an opposite ex-pat.🙂

    I have less time to read blogs now, and I can hit my favorites on this smaller agg more easily than weeding through the bigger ones.

    Keep it up! god bless you all!

  5. Wooooooo hooooooooooo!

  6. hehe am so MIA that am not even listed as MIA

  7. you asked for it bambam, LOL!

  8. lol at bum bum hehehhe, be carefull what you ask for no angel…

    I am bad too : | but I have no clue what to post on my blog either

  9. I think it is a very nice idea and if nothing else it brought together 16 scattered arabs together🙂

    I simply love it here

  10. yea i like ur blog guys and most of you are my Briends … i like blogging … i am an expat …

    i think i should join … i’ll drop an email right now so you guys can have your secret voting session😛

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