Posted by: wonders | August 23, 2007

I want the option with no options

Having options is good and convenient especially if you are picky (like me) but in a lot of cases it is confusing and annoying! You cannot go into a coffee shop now and just order TEA anymore, coz here is what will happen:

waiter: Hello sir/mam… what will you have today?

you: I will have a cup of tea…

waiter: what kind of tea?

you (happy to answer, coz just yesterday you learnt there is something callled green tea while watching a lipton commercial): I will have green tea..

waiter: green tea it is, would you like that with lemon, mint, or jasmine?

you (not knowing what you got yourself into): uhhhhhhh….. mint.

waiter: do you want the mint to boil with the tea or to be put after the tea is boiled?

you (shifting in your seat): uhhhhhhh……… uhhhhhhhhhh……. after.. after

waiter: would you like sugar?

You (relaxing after the conversation turned into something you know): yes please

waiter: how many pieces? 

You (you have started yourself on a diet, but you say to yourself what the hell, it is for free ele be balash kater menno): 3 please.

waiter: brown or white sugar?

you (WTF??): white..

only then you are able to get you freakin’ cup of tea!!

Even if you decide to have a sandwich, you go inside the restaurant pick yourself a table, and wait. Finally you get noticed, coz the waiter was busy playing pikabooooooo with a baby…

waiter: hello sir/mam… what do you want to have today?

you (deciding to choose on the spot other wise there is no guarantee the waiter will come back in this lifetime): i will have a Steak sandwich.

waiter: with cheese?

you: yes please.

waiter: what kind of cheese, we have cheddar, goat, emmental? (sometimes they don’t even bother telling you the options)

you (cheddar is the one you know, so you think it is better to stick with something you know): cheddar

waiter: what kind of bread? we have origano, italian, french, white and brown (i already stated he is a kind waiter willing to provide info)

you (&*%#$#!!@%): uhh… white….

waiter: what kind of dressing do you want? italian, one thousand island, barbeque and honey something..

you (when will this nightmare end!!) NONE…

waiter: this sandwich comes with chips or salad, what would you like?

you (wiping your sweaty hands against your pants): chips…

waiter: what flavor, salt or ketchup or bla bla bla (he actually says real flavours but at this point this is what you hear)

you (grasping for air): salt

waiter: what dip do you want with that?

you: I want to get the hell out of here!!!

inspired by a true story….


  1. Would you like my comment to be short and brief or long and detailed?😛

    Hahaha … They have to pay you for taking the time to answer their questions😀

    Seriously though, it is a good thing like you said since you are picky and all. You know their intentions are good as they are trying to make your life easier by getting you exactly what you want so you will not have complaints later. But at the same time it can get complicated. I mean especially with the tea; it is only tea for crying out loud!

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL oh my god, i thought that i’m the only one with this problem HAHAHAHAHA😀 , now i know that there is someone like me…
    but you know what, after doing all this, when they bring you your order, there is always something wrong with it, wngro cheese, wrong something LOL! this is so funny

  3. I have seen this commercial before😛

  4. Mohanned I saw that commercial too probably months ago, I hate it that I still remember it !

    The variety of choice is also a way of keeping the menu fresh and interesting longer, if you took the salad with dressing A, then next tie you can take it with dressing B and have a new experience. Only time I was annoyed was this one Steak house where they not only ask you if you want the steak rare/medium/well-done, but instead give you a color chart, and ask you to pick the color on the outside, inside, and center of the steak (3 colors). I’d have no idea what to pick, and order something else !

    Anyway, I knew one restaurant where the waiters don’t take your order, you just go on a touch screen pick out everything you want, with all the options, and then sit down, and wait for it. This is great because the waiter is only human and can easily mess up your order.

  5. LoooL, that is why I memorize the menu beforehand😀

  6. Hala Lol!! no more options please😀 as you said helpful but can get irritating…

    Maioush🙂 good to know there is someone like me too lol!! i hate it when they get wrong especially if they make you repeat your order and then they repeat it for you, and all you want is just a bite!!🙂

    Mohanned, what commercial?!

    Hani, i am sure that must have been annoying!! color chart, what were they thinking!!
    for me the first time the sandwich thing happened to me it was really annoying (i exagerated a little up there) because it was unexpected, the second time i went to that place i prepared myself for the interrigation so it was ok. if you go to the steak house again u should be fine🙂 lol!!

    KJ, so you remove the element of surprise🙂

  7. Seems like someone has been having their lunches at Subway, healthy and all😛

  8. lol!! yup… and seems like someone else is having lunch there too…

    Welcome back ED🙂

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