Posted by: Hala | August 27, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Since it is summer, and since temperatures are rising, what is better than some ice cream? Not any ice cream though:

Booza 3arabeyyeh🙂


It looks yummy … I want some😦 The funny thing is, ever since I moved away, I would  find myself craving things that I did not really like back home such as Knafeh for example. However, I still feel like I should have some ASAP. As soon as I have some, well take a guess, I do not finish it but I feel like I satisfied the voice inside of me that kept nagging for quite a while.

By the way, I found the picture a while back on FlickrBooza, and I am pretty sure it belongs to a fellow blogerette. Yet I am not sure of her name. Probably Tololy, but I cannot find the picture above among her photos. Anyway, sorry for not mentioning the name whoever you are!


  1. I don’t crave booza 3arabiyyeh. I HATE it. Disgusting! Thankfully though, the neighborhood I live in is populated by Syrian and Jordanian shops and markets. So I can get my fix of labneh nashfeh and knafeh anytime I please😀

  2. Hi Hala, you’re right. It is a picture of mine and I think Flickr removed it because it was old and I was running short on free storage. Glad you liked it though…

  3. I love it!! yummy yummy… i think i can find it here in Dubai though…🙂

    brought back a lot of memories

  4. KJ: Really? Please tell me you are kidding😛 Well you still have Labaneh so you are okay hehehe.

    Tololy: Thanks!

    Wonders: A lot of good and tasteful memories😀

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