Posted by: 7aki Fadi | August 28, 2007

I just want to buy a melon!

Decisions Decisions Decisions!

I walk down the isles at the supermarket and I see ten versions of the same product.

You want tissue paper? well there’s many many many items to chose from, 2 ply, 3 ply, with lotion, without lotion, with anti bacterial lotion, with scent, without a scent , square box, oval box(yes, oval!) and on and on and on. How can you fill a whole isle with tissue box products? In Amman they make your life easy, you go to the supermarket and you say,:”Can I have Fine please?”  (By the way are there any other prodcuts in Amman?)

This not only applies to tissues, it applies to anything and everything here in Canada, you want a can of corn? Oh buddy there would be 3 shelves of different kinds of corn.

I have to admit, it needed getting used to when I first got here where I would go shopping for 4 items and end up spending a whole hour just reading labels to decide between do I need this detergent that has those super magical dimanond crystals that makes your clothes look better on you (heheheh) or just Tide.

But now I love it! There is something for everyone…. although I also have to admit that sometimes I just want to buy a melon!


  1. consumers were not picky back in the old days,,,, any toilet paper would do,,, now with more options human beings tend to become more picky,,, u walk up into a small dokaneh and surprisingly the man behind the counter has it all,,,

  2. LooooooooooooL. True! In Syria you just walk up to buy the one-and-only brand available of each product.

  3. The big supermarkets in the US are even worse.

    I always go to the market with a list, and try to leave with nothing extra.

    Marketing departments hate people like me.

  4. and here i was trying to write a post here to be promoted from a bumbum to see 3 ppl doing the same YIKES ! i’ll skip for today.
    as for the paradox of choice actually having more choice makes for a less satisfying experience and worse marketing since you end up spending too much time deciding what you want. hence shopping at costco or sam’s club (less choice more saving) is much more fun that walmart, but it is lovely wasting all that time shopping for a can of baked beans… or melons for that matter

  5. oh and i forgot on the subject for the ppl who have some extra time watch this it is interesting

  6. passing by: Yep or they won’t make it in this market.
    You reminded me of the dukkaneh days .. sigh … we used to get the boy to deliver everything.

    KJ: yeah man, life was much simpler

    Hani: I always have a list, imagine if I didn’t have a list? I will be in the supermarket for hours…lol

    Bumbum: oh ooops I meant Bambam …hahahahahaha : You are right.

    I blame this for the lack of social life of Ontarians you would ask an Ontarian, lets go out tonight they’ll say, OH I have to go grocery shopping, well given the options, grocery shopping is taking people longer, Since when grocery shopping has become a night thing, in Amman you grocery shop, do the laundry , clean the house and still go out here they only can do one thing at a time… ok this is totally off topic …heheheheh

    I’ll watch the movie later, I clicked on it thinking maybe it’s like a 5 minute skit but it’s an hour and something:-O … YIKES.. but I always love your shares, except for that real doll share, that was scary…gosh why do I always babble when replying to you comments or posts … lol … OK I’ll shut up now

  7. this is why i preffer to shop at ctown as apposed to other small supermarkets..althouth they still do not compare to dominion and the superstore…the toilet paper shelf is small and shares the isle with other products…and yes there are other brands..i think waleed and soft smile or something along that line..

  8. Nice blog. Keep up the great work. Thanks again, Cullen

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