Posted by: Maioush | September 4, 2007

Prince Hamza butcher shop in Jordan!!

This is about the shocking story that everybody is talking about, the family tragedy that happened to our friend and brother Who-Sane.

As a member Arab Expats and a friend to this great guy, I felt that we all have to do something, so the people responsible will get what they deserve.

To read the whole story as Who-Sane tells it please go HERE

To read it in Arabic as our friend M Kilany translated it thankfully go HERE

And Who_Sane; we are working on something I promise you, these people will pay for their actions.

From me and all your friends here in Arab Expats and all the other blogs, we wish your father to get will soon.. we will pray for him every day.


I sent the story to :

احمد حسن الزعبي

He is a well known journalist at al Ra’ai newspaper, please send him the story with me.


  1. Ok ok ok i know that you are mad just like me but itis not butcher shop

  2. Hamede, butchering is not only taking lifes, it is worse when you take away someone’s dignity and respect, In jordan each and every day the dignity of many people is degraded by incompetent corrupt bastards.

  3. Hamede:
    after all what they did and they are not butcher shop?? they are, this is a hospital mshan allah, and they did nothing to this patient!! what do u want me to call them, i agree with Mohannad, they left the guy without clothes and they didn’t call his famliy!!!! mshan allah… butcher shop 2aleel 3aleahom!!

  4. I have sent the story to 7DAYS, a local newspaper in Dubai. If you know anyone there in person please make the call.

  5. I agree in exposing the hospital in Jordan, but not to international media.
    the idea is to shed the light on it so that the Jordanian goverment will take action and hold people responsible, not so that people outside Jordan has more stuff to rant about.
    Sorry KJ but i strongely disagree with what you did.

  6. 7DAYS prints news from all around the world, but they do not print things sent by users. On their website there is a section for approved user-sent articles. Assuming they like the story, the would have to contact who-sane to get it approved for them to post it on their site (I didn’t send the article text I provided the link and clearly stated it is someone else’s experience).

    You are right that this should be contained within Jordan, but I looked at it from a humanitarian point of view, that possibly more public hospitals worldwide do the same thing and it can raise public and government awareness, not necessarily against Jordan but for each country’s own public hospitals.

  7. Mohanned.
    Tell me something i dont know.

  8. ya3ni kal3adeh, inta 3’alat w il7komeh s7, w r7 yshaklo lajnit ta7geeg, wytab3o ilmawdoo3, la fihim bi osool ilid5al lal mustashfa, wala insanieh wala r7meh, w il7g 3ala ilmareed, lesh ymrad, aslan lazem y5alfoh y daf3ooh bdal saftoh bilshari3, hada l2no mu7taram, ilnidam ma bmshi 3nd ilshortah ila 3al mu7tarameen

  9. Thank you for supporting my brother..🙂

  10. OMG that is absolutely outrageous😦

    I am proud of the bloggers who took part in this and posted about the story. Let everyone know what happens behind closed doors.

    Thanks Maioush for the post.

  11. Husain’s Sister:
    your brother is like our brother too, that’s the least we can do …

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