Posted by: nonangel | September 9, 2007

The Helplessness of being out of proximity

One of the most frustrating things about being being far from your loved ones is that in times of need you feel helpless.

No matter how much communication is made easier these days, you are able to talk, see, share and interact with the people you care about virtually whenever you want, the main obstacle that will never be overcame is the evolution of perception which you can’t emulate.

The manner that people in perceive things during times of crisis is the most frustrating thing you can encounter, regardless of your will to help in reality the more you insist on that the more it will detract from resolving the situation. So you end being stuck with your need to help out but you fail to realize that you are totally helpless in that regard, and no matter how bad you might feel about it, it might actually be better if you have never been informed about the crisis since there is little that you can do, and all you have contributed is the extra distress level to the people effected by the crisis.

So personally speaking, no matter how dire the situation I was in I found it childish and irresponsible to make the people dear to me worry about it if they are unable to contribute to a solution. Now some might digress and point out that the emotional support is more than enough to them, to me that is selfish since the feelings that you are bestowing on the people that will be worried sick about you is too much to ask for just that you would feel better about your self that there is someone who cares.

I am not sure how appropriate it is to post this after that unfortunate incident with who-sane’s father but it certainly made me think about it.

In this case luckily Who-sane was able to free himself of his commitments and go back to help out with the situation but what if you where faced with a situation where somebody is not able to do so without being taxed by a hefty penalty would it be better to inform them of the situation or to just tell them about it after it has been fully resolved for better or worse ?

ps. no longer a bumbum


  1. I liked your nickname as bumbum better, makes me laugh LOL.

  2. *goes to hide in a corner & crys* WHY WHY ? why are u hating 7aki


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