Posted by: globalorama | September 13, 2007

A Thank you Letter…

Dear Jordanian and Arab bloggers,

I would like to thank you for the show of force you all carried out recently. You showed bureaucrats that there are forces in the Jordanian society other than helpless political parties, useless government press, and impotent parliament. I would like to thank you for the solidarity you all showed pointing to a potentially powerful voice of change.

In a country used to the status quo, change is hard. However, within clicks, the system came running answering our demands. It only took clicks, but it also took desire and determination to do whats right. You have made it clear that you need things done. Your actions, although  affected only one family directly,  it felt so great by thousands of others and gave all of us hope that change is coming.

I would also like to specifically thank:

Qwaider for having For it provided a connecting point for all of us.

Batir Wardam for being a courageous Nashmi and delivering a valuable message  to the digitally challenged bureaucrats.

The other online news outlets that cared about the average Jordanian.  

I am hoping that we can continue with changing perceptions, cultures, and minds. Jordan is a great country being held back by only a few powerful negative forces. But, if we back each other we will surely neutralize them.



A Jordanian Expat


  1. You are welcome🙂 same goes from me to all the bloggers out there who care …

  2. globalorama, I really couldn’t have said it better.

    Thank you for thanking everyone who had a hand in this.

  3. Hi… just blog-hopping.. nice blog.. keep it up..🙂

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