Posted by: qwaider | September 14, 2007

Hardest month in exile

Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims. Is the hardest month on people away from their families and homes. Not only is it tasteless and even painful for people away, but it also adds emotional pain on top of everything physical a fasting person has to endure during the Fast
Most people around us, are completely unaware what a fasting person is going through. Most don’t know or even care that you are fasting or not. It doesn’t matter to them at all.
Don’t get me wrong, Fasting is a religious ritual that is amazingly beautiful. It helps people of faith bond more with god. It helps the body cleans and detoxify from all poisons that filled our life physically and spiritually. It’s our opportunity to clear our minds, souls and hearts from the illnesses that have been clutching to them all through the year.
Many wait for Ramadan, impatiently as their chance to seek forgiveness for the sins that have been accumulating for years. But for those attempting to practice it away from home, there’s a huge toll to pay. There’s no one to take care of things, or help them through things. Most have to break their fast all alone in their homes. Or with a very limited group of friends. Most are busy, most are too consumed by life and getting the job done to be able to have the warmth of a family or to enjoy a real breakfast feast. Like the ones back home..

It’s really the toughest Month, it’s even harder than trying to maintain our individuality or identity away from home. May god help us through this tough month and accept our fasting and prayers


  1. Ramadan kareem! NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE! cheeer up! Didn’t you get used to it? don’t scare me:(

  2. It is hard ya hard.

  3. I agree it is THE HARDEST MONTH! Yesterday (my first fasting day), I had to eat all alone and it was HORRIBLE! no fattoush, no Ramadan family gatherings. Nothing!

    It doesn’t feel like Ramadan, it feels like something else, but I don’t know what exactly it is!

  4. yeah, Ramadan back home is much more fun, family gatherings, atayef and so many things we really miss over here!
    yalla allah be3een … Happy ramadan🙂

  5. It really is hard, it sucks. I do not care if people around me drink or eat, but I hate how to me at least, Ramadan is becoming a normal month just like any other. I do not feel any special bond or anything. Most of the time people here are consumed by the fast lifestyle they are living (Studying or Working or both) where they have no time to eat anyway. Everything goes by quickly that they do not have time to appreciate it. And just like Dima said, there is no Fattoush or Atayef sometimes, which might seem silly but is an essential part of Ramadan as it reminds me of how much I used to enjoy Ramadan. Unlike Jordan, there are no schedule adjustments, no spiritual atmosphere, no family gatherings … Simply nothing😦

  6. Yah … u r right .. I MISS MY FAMILY .. YOU KNOW… why u do not write something to make us feel better ?? ..

  7. Yes, it is the hardest month in exile…but also the most rewarding. .. this is the way Ramadan is supposed to be – no getting off work early, no making the whole nation (Muslim and non-Muslim) abstain from food in public places, no letting you off the hook cuz “ana sayem” like ur em7amel ejmele that ur fasting (ur doing it for GOD not for anyone else!!!)… so hopefullyw e get more ajr from fasting like this.
    Altho the lack of a jam3a and family at iftar time is depressing :(((

  8. i dont mean to be mean…but nay ne nay ne nay neee…
    honestly until i moved away from toronto i never felt too bad about ramadan…we always had family and friends to have iftar with…so far im not finding fasting here too bad…but in saskatoon it was awful…:(

    but at least in canada on days i did not have to fast i could go out and eat..chew gum do whatever…here no way anyone can do that..u have to pretend to be fasting around canada u only had to pretent around muslims:)

    but one bad thing was when iftar was so early..and we had to break our fast at that was sad!

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