Posted by: qwaider | October 27, 2007

The call you wish would never come

This call is the an expatriate worst nightmare!

No matter how old you are, or how long you’ve been in your voluntary exile. You keep dreading a specific call. You have nightmares about it at times. And others you pray to the lord not to ever face it!

Phone rings: You pick up, half asleep. Hello.. You notice it’s long distance from back home. you switch your tone, and rise a little bit in your bed… “Alo” you say .. gasping for air.
You start hearing the mummered voice of someone very close … You wipe your eyes, you try to concentrate .. You think you heard wrong .. you ask again… and someone would reply by saying .. “El 3omor Elak” or “El 3awad bisalamtak” (May life be yours) or (May you have good health)

You heart starts racing, and you forget to breath. You hastily ask, WHO …. And no matter who that “who” is, or whether or not you are going to drop the phone and run to get dressed, only to realise that you’re 10,000 miles away. In a cold bed, in dark room, over looking a wet street, under the crying skies!

You take few minutes to get out of your disorientation, and start asking more questions. When, how, you hear the answer, but you’re no longer there. Your mind has already turned off.

There are so many things that you fear when you’re away from home, only two things might actually bring you to tears. No matter how strong your personality is.. This is the hardest one of them, not being there to say good bye to a loved one.


  1. my prayers are with you and your family

    but out of curiousity “who” is it?

  2. Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji3oon!!!
    It must have been so hard to have such a conversation from far away…really far!
    Allah yisabbirkom…

  3. i hate late night calls…i get nervous when ever the phone rings after 12am…elbakeya be7ayatak …

  4. May God comfort you, Q. For me, when the phone rings, I get an adrenaline rush of fear.

  5. Thank you guys for your lovely feelings. But I have not lost anyone recently! But there’s never any comfort in this. We’re all heading there…

    Excuse my depression!

  6. you made me cry again😦

  7. I can relate to what you said😦

  8. It is difficult when you are with family, being away is a whole different story..

  9. I couldn’t agree more, very true description..

  10. Hey Q… I read the comments and saw you didn’t lose someone, so el7amdella for this.

    What you said is true, this is one of the most difficult points in being an expat.

  11. My biggest fear EVER! Death of any of my beloved..

  12. I got that call. My father had passed away. It hurt even more because I somehow knew I would get that call one day and the regrets would REALLY start to fester.

  13. I am in constant fear of this.. everytime the phone rings and its from back home, I say a little prayer that its not but ur right, it could happen…
    Allah yefrejha…


  14. very touching subject, and u wrote bout it very well. i can relate to this, wether expat or not, late night calls usually always hold bad news, and i dread them so much i keep my fone switched off when i sleep!

    bless u and urs.

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