Posted by: qwaider | November 15, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen

Please ensure that your seat is in an upright position and that trays in front of you are folded. Please make sure that all carry on items are stowed away in preparation for landing. Thank you for flying with us today on Royal Jordanian
As you hear these final approach words, your heartbeats start to race as you prepare yourself mentally to arrive home
You start wondering who’s going to be there at the airport. And if you’re going to run into someone you know at the airport. An old study friend or maybe a long lost love. Then you start worrying if your luggage made it, in-one-piece. Or if the customs officers are going to be nice to you or not. What about that guy that smells like cigarettes and have red veins in his eyes in a cheap suit with a think moustache. Is he going to flag you as a possible terrorist or is he going to hit on you (if you’re a girl)
Then you arrive. The passport officers give you the good news that the dudes in the Intelligence would be delighted to see you in person. Not only that, but everyone on the flight will be out and gone while you’re still waiting for your darn luggage. (Which someone conveniently stashed away behind one of the pillars in the airport). You decide to get to the duty free and all you hear is No change, and you can’t get more than two cartons of Marlboro. (Then why the hell are you selling them in boxes of 5?).
You see the duty free shop and it looks like a liquor store more than a duty free shop!
You go out… no body’s waiting because.. well you’re a big boy now! You hop on a Taxi that is supposed to charge you 17.4JD but somehow end up paying 50!
And then …. You arrive home in time for dinner. What a wonderful evening it would be with your family .. Some labaneh, some Za3tar .. and all the love and warmth that you can eat!

28 hours in the Airplane… $2200 ticket … Totally worth it!


  1. hmmmm…. somebody coming to Jordan soon?

  2. mmm… i am trying not to get too excited cuz my last planned trip (in the fall) fell apart bt its looking more and more like I am *finally* gonna be able to take the trip this xmas season YA RAB!! I am so homesick😦
    bs didnt you just go to Jo a couple of months ago?? another trip ya Q? hmmm, seems like someone has big plans😉

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