Posted by: globalorama | December 2, 2007

Getting a hair cut…

I got one today. but thats not the interesting part, or rather sad part. While I was getting my head groomed, I remembered getting hair cuts in Amman. I used to go sometimes to شارع سينما الحسين  or to صالون حبول/شارع كلية الشرطة  although I preferred the former. I preferred it because I encountered simpler people that told stories more believable than those of taxi drivers. I miss those days because I had those guys cut my hair while an interesting conversation took place about politics, living conditions and expenses, or about  الفيصلي والوحدات Today’s conversation was a nonexistent. First, it was a lady. I do not ever remember a lady cutting my hair in Jordan. then, her fake attempt to carry on a meaningful conversation dwindled down as there was no apparent mutual interest. Also, it is always hard to explain the way I want my hair cut. Lastly, I was not offered tea nor coffee!


  1. You seem homesick to be missing those endless converstaions about living conditions in Amman!!!!

    I never like having my hair cut in the states bye those clueless ladies with no style!!! i let my hair grow while living there, you should do the same🙂

  2. Na3eeman😉

  3. Summer,
    I do and I don’t miss amman. It was just a thought as I was sitting in that chair. What I do now is carry a profile picture of my head with the best hair cut ever and just point at it!

    thank you.

  4. I’ve been saying that I’m gonna get a hair cut tomorrow sinceeeeeeee October😀
    Actually I stopped by the salon at least 3 times, when I see the lady who is gonna give me the long-awaited cut I decide to make an appointment to come later lol
    then call and cancel it (that’s mean I know, but won’t let her ruin it)

  5. yeah, whenever i take my son to the barber shop here, i find it hard to explain to them how i want it cut, i thought i was the only one suffering, thanx for sharing…

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