Posted by: wonders | June 3, 2008

where ever i lay my hat, that’s my home…

This is a line from a song that my memory has failed me short right now, seriously i’ve been trying to squeeze my brain but no use.

Again, i’ve only been back to Amman for only a couple of short trips since i came to dubai more than a year and a half ago, and every time i set foot in Dubai when i arrive back, i cannot help but feel relieved. Seriously i don’t know what is wrong with me! I really love Amman and would welcome a visit any time of the year, yet i just feel home and relaxed after coming back to my own home sweet home. Not sure if this is normal people..!

The last visit a month back felt funny, my family had moved to a new home and i couldn’t help but feel like a guest there. It was weird, i didn’t know where the cups are in the kitchen or where i can find a towel or anything, I was shouting out questions to my mom the whole time, kinda funny when my mom herself was confused to where things were.

Is it just me, or that singer whoever he is, said it all: Home is where i lay my hat. Was it a singer?? a movie maybe.. huh?! i seriously don’t remember where i heard this…


  1. It is funny how we get acclimated (or never do in some cases) to new environments.

    since we talking funny, her is a video of the song. It is Paul Young’s ‘Wherever I Lay My Hat Thats My Home’

  2. Ok, it is 3am and I am in no mood to receiving any replies to the misspellings up there.

  3. I totally agree with you, The only difference between us is that I do NOT like Amman.

  4. Ahmed,
    بحياة اللة؟
    إقلب وجهك بلاش أوصلك

  5. i guess i get used to things quickly man, thnx for the vid.
    lool this time forgiven mab3oos!

    depends since when you left Ahmed?

  6. I feel the same sometimes, Amman is always in our hearts, but amman life is tooooo different, sometime it gets noisy we always expect more from our country than it can give us so we end up feeling some weird feeling.

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