Posted by: globalorama | July 26, 2008

Flashback: جواد العناني

I remember back in the mid 1990’s I would watch TV and Jawad Alanani would be a guest discussing various economic development issues pertaining to Jordan and the world economy. I really thought highly of him and his positive attitude and the way he talked. I admired him very much that I remember in Eighth grade being asked by Nawwaf Nassar, my then English teacher, of What I wanted to be when I grow up. Without hesitation, I said: Economist. Well, times change and lives and aspirations do too. But, deep inside, I still think of the many chronic economic issues facing Jordan and the way that I could once help. However, these chronic problems are seldom the product of the government often faulty public policy. Jordan, unfortunately, is a victim of the traditions and culture of its citizens. From abiding by laws to respecting the privacy of others is a range that affects directly and indirectly the level of economic development of any country.


  1. Is he still working as an economic expert at Al-Basira consultants.

  2. I used to love Jawad Anani, he was one amazing smart man. I became good friends with his children Ahmad and Dima. I even met his cousin who was the owner of the only -worthy- Arabic library in California, she was such an amazing character too.
    Such a great family!

    I wonder how they’re doing these days

    • I am not sure I remember u but I am Ahmad Anani. Email me in

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