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We’re still hiring: if you’re an Arab expat and you think you’ve got what it takes to contribute then please contact us on the same email listed above.


  1. This is really a great idea, I’ve always wondered about some kind of way that would afford me a way to express my feelings, vision, and aspirations while living outside my native country. There is so much to be said about longing, about my triumphs and fiascos. I must admit that I was sleeping at the switch for the past month and a half and this post woke me up. Good job guys and three cheers from me.The people that we left behind just don’t how we live & they would never know how exactly we feel as expatriates.

  2. Congratulation for the new blog.
    This will be so great guys, I’m looking to read more posts.

  3. guys,

    this is a wonderful idea. good luck to all of you. I hope I can join you too. I have been in the states for 10 years, but I still long to Amman’s streets, Zarqa’s smell, Aqaba’s heat, and petras’ thrill. I still miss elweibdeh’s buildings, el balad’s sooq, el sweifieh’s outings, and …

  4. Thanks a lot guys! Really glad you all dropped by!

    Keep comin’ for more🙂

  5. 14 now🙂

  6. actually 17🙂

  7. All,

    I have created a new portal for all the expats and communities in Puerto Rico.

    I would appreciate if you could add http://www.globalpuertorico.com to your list of sites.



  8. very good

  9. Hi everybody there. This is a good idea to have such a nice forum for exchaning ideas and feelings. You have riased a good question abouit ethenicity and identity. I think some guys may not find any difficulty in identifying themselves as Arabs but this may be a problem for our people in the Sudan. I sincerely want to know your opinion: How do you rate the Sudani? Are they Arabs or Africans? or Africans with Arabic culture?

  10. to be honest with you friend…. sudanis are all of what you mentioned … there are arabs there (mostly in the east and north) there are africans (mostly in the south & west), and there africans with arabic culture.
    So it all comes down to what label they would like to adopt personally (thats in an ideal one not in one where there is discrimination based on your tribe and whether you are a janoba or not)

    The simple answer is that most arabs consider Sudanese as simply arabs.

  11. Assalam alaikom everyone,

    Congrats to queen Rania about her Youtube award. That lady is doing a great job, I blogged about it yesterday. It impressed me how she decided to address the world through Vlogging on Youtube. I hope that the stereotypes, we as Muslims & Arabs are suffering from really break down because it’s so unfair.

    A Moroccan blogger next door.

  12. Looks like you haven’t updated this for a while – seems like a great idea though. Are you still thinking of working on this?

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